Couple flowering questions

Hey everyone,

My plants have been in flower and they are still budding all over and small. A few buds have pistols that are already turning orange already, is this normal? Also how much longer would you guess i have till harvest?

They are 10 weeks from seed.
Tangarine Dream Autos
DWC bubbler system

I have heard of autos taking a long time in dwc. Looks like 6-8 weeks out still.


10 weeks from seed isn’t saying much, not trying to stomp on your hopes and dreams but the countdown doesn’t really start till flower .

Your looking at 8-10 weeks in flower so you may have 6-8 weeks lefts. Hope your using some rocket fuel in that dwc by this point!

Your not close but keep an eye on the trichomes and when they start looking full your getting close, when you see amber flush


I agree with both posts , 1


pistils dry up after a week or so not being fertilized.
natural progression of plants.

My hopes and dreams are fine haha, plant looks good and HUGE with tones of flower sites. All i could ask for. I was just curious about the change already and what time frame i was still looking at. Everything about this auto strain says an average of 71 days from seed to harvest and I’m at 71 today. Im fine with more time, I’m in no rush just want to make sure everything is ok and they are still going to get bigger. Thought i messed up somewhere and the buds weren’t going to get bigger before harvest.

Every auto does what it wants when it wants :blush:

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What’s your light schedule now you have pistils?

Keeping the autos on a 18-6 schedule

I’ve seen people switch autos to a 12/12 when reaching flowering but I’m not sure if it makes a difference as I’ve only done photos and didn’t notice you said they were autos

Maybe @Jbum Or @Mrcrabs could add to it

People run them all different but the majority I hear is 12/12 because of the savings on energy. Some run 12/12 the entire time some 18/6 whole time he’ll some 24 constant. So personal preference I suppose.

These guys got you covered, ive only grown a few auto, now looking back i would’ve waited longer on the estimated flowering time, still got good smoke, just watch out for the the trichs, instead of days its been growing

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I’m at 13 now and still got a week or 2 to go and I’m in coco.

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Getting closer!!!, something is wrong with my roots they are breaking down and the leaves are dying. Was thinking about flushing to help it, but didn’t know if it may be time to flush anyway.

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It’s normal for leaves to fall off the lower parts of the plant while flowering