Couple custom crosses in a tent

Been procrastinating on posting
Not new but far from a pro
Running 4x4 net semi scrogged(multiple plants half trained )
Hlg qb centered with 2x 450w cannagrow cobs on outsides total true watts around 550-600 but par values ridiculous at canopy. Oh and a couple phillips 2700k led flood lights with covers popped in corners
Soil coco mix 3gal fabric pots
( roots organics greenfields with a brick 5kg of coco and whole bag perelite and sand added )

Now the strains
The pollen is from a freebie dc seed exchange seed (wifi alien og x gg4 x predator pink ) this plant was female and cloned in flower. Clone was stressed to hermie. Didnt use the silver stuff didnt have any. Just neglected the clone once rooted good. It hermied after a month or so.
#1 second gen genetics loompa goo female( dj short f4 blueberry x mendo afgoo)
#2 mosca blotto ogk female (ecsd x legend ogk)
Both have been run 3 times now in small groups <8
All have been female
Right now im 13days in but lights out.
Warning lights on pics may be half lit cause if i leave cannagrows on tge pic gets a baseball grass effect of led
Got a video today but it sucks so n needs some censoring. Heres a couple pics of day 6

idk i just been lurking around n havent posted anything.
Still have not broken a# dry in 4x4 but might this time around.


Hell yeah dude!! Good luck on getting your weight!!!


Thanks i might have it this run


You have good taste anyway ha. Good luck with them, hope you get it!


Day 14 pics.

officially lights are as high as they go now so gonna have to tie down some reachers. Hopefully this stretch over. I usually veg 30days flat. But things happen n had to keep these in veg 45 days so its a mess


Oh never got to details
I had been using advanced nutrients ph perfect gmb combo but at 16ml per part in liters for $35 i found an alternative. And look close at leaves. Overall healthy.
I now use
true plant science
base a and b
Gallons are $50 and max feed is 7ml per part. So lasts a lot longer. First run and have not harvested with the new nutes yet but so far im happy with em. I still use a pk boost over top the base but i cut all n mid flower. So base usually gets dropped n molasses n pk booster is it.

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Looks great so far @Rooted. :+1:
Best of luck on the grow.
Watching for sure. :wink::v:

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Couple pics coming along pretty good. Idk about the node spacing in some areas but i see potential.

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Day18-19 hoping this is the end of stretch. Ive tied a few things n plucked 1000 sucker branches from undeneath. Im going to add some 2700k strip leds down under the taller colas.

IMAG0136 IMAG0137

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Well figures. Things going good and somehow the damn timer switch slid and just noticed they got no dark period last night. Theyve been pretty resilient to stress but idk. Im not gonna flip times around
i taped it so it cant slide n just gonna keep moving forward. Ive had plenty of fails woth lights off but never staying on in flower.

On this
1 plant (a taller one ) did hermie today
Noticed a pollen sac under a bud then found a few more on her. checked whole tent. The rest came back ok and still stacking. Have a few pistils turned on lower sitting bs buds on one plant but no pollen. Maybe from the one i removed. Last 2days been water only trying to rinse em a little then ill feed n boost again. 3 of them are about rootbound but idk if its worth it to uppot at this point. (in net and stressed already)
Just feed n let em blow up.

Here they are (-1)
Ending week 3


theres been defoliation and i bent some taller branches around some to fill the new gap in next week or 2hopefully

Ill keep everything here. Babies starting for next run

Ill single them out later on but we have

E-pupil(star pupil x mr e. )fem

Gogi pupil (gogi og x star pupil)fem

Blueberries n chocolate(bbhp xchoc.d)fem

F5blueberry x black afghan kush (reg)

Tiramisu v2 (ogkb2.0 x magnum opus)reg

I start in root riots in a dome these are about a week from hitting these pots. Theyll be almost bound when i put in fabric pots before flowering

Day 26 i think. Stretch over starting to fatten a little.

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I put like 15 pics on here. Idk why only 1shows

ok heres a couple more from same day that didnt post

Ok today is day 29


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That last pic is older i tgink. Idk im having to load pics 1at a time n reception sucks here.

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