Countryboys 2018 indoor and one plant outdoor grow


Tag me when you do brother lol i need to get over to check it out lol


I do top my autos @daz49 the ones in the pot together I didn’t though

Here a picture of my auto that i did top i have in a two gallon pot

Has to be done early i top mine when they have three nodes around week two or three
This is it a few weeks later


Just tagged you, Brother…


Do you just snip them back 1node when toooing the autos? I would think more would be too hard for them to bounce back from in their veg timeframe.

Love the outdoor containment screen!


I actually just get in and pinch off the top when i have 3 nodes i pinchnoff the forth new one
Hahahahaha the contaminant screen was a quick install after something ate my Lsd plant to nothing she has since been culled

The pineapple chunk was also eaten but only the top of the plant she has bounced back ill get new pictures this weekend when i make the screen more permanent and i have decided to throw a scrog screen above her woohoo out door scrog is back on hahahaha


That makes good sense; sneaking in the top before the auto’s even know it lol.
Those waskily wabbits!.. when I was a kid we would have to dig trenches around the perimeter of my uncle’s property and lay chicken wire down to stop groundhogs, rabbits, and every other kind of small woodland creature from eating his and my aunts plants. Soooo much perimeter lol. He even gave me $10 for every coyote I could wound with the rifle to try and extend the lives of his chickens a bit longer. Good times man✌🏽 And containment works lol


Heres a up date picture a few days old need to run down and check on them
But i reloceted the wwa to opposite side of the tasued bed and put a scrog screen over the. Pineapple chunk clone
Ill need to train her all in one direction but hahaha all good

Here a few pictures of my Bruce banner indoors

Heres one of my multiple autos in 20 gallon pot

And i just potted two more
Power plant pictures of those in a few weeks

A group photo


Looks like you’re gonna have a couple of monsters!

@Budbrother was this outdoor scrog you were looking for?


Good morning @dbrn32 im hoping so hahaha
She was 4 doot tall when i placed screen
Should be able to fill screen right up


Sweet, and good morning! Having been around long enough to know how last years outdoor harvest went, sending good vibes and best wishes for a healthy grow brother.


Last year was a bust for me
High humidity and temps in October killed me and lost most of my crop to bud rot
Hopefully this yearvwe will have normal weather and that wont happen
Heres a pic Last years scrog outdoors

Thats one plant inder a 4x8 foot screen
Hopefully i can duplicate that with the pineapple chunk clone i have under the screen lol


Nope this wasn’t the one driving me nuts looking for again. It was older; besides, I keep up with this one :stuck_out_tongue:


Something here really likes Bruce!

That poor girl has gone through Hell!

I’m starting to think I’m not meant to grow that strain! Only girl that got hit…


I put a cage around mine outside and the critters are staying away brother
At this point tho im just playing with the outdoors grow just hoping i can see it to the end with out anymore issues
Time will tell boys and girls lol

Woohoo heres my Bruce that i have indoors
Going to be a nice harvest shes 4 weeks into flower plus two transition weeks so 6 weeks frim switching to 12-12

Bruce Banner Germination

Looking good @Countryboyjvd1971 ! That’s another strain on my list. I hear it packs a punch!


@FloridaSon That looks like a deer, rabbit, or racoon.

I’m leaning toward a rabbit. The dead leaves look pretty undisturbed (no tracks visible) and a deer would probably eat it all in one trip leaving you with a bunch of stems. Those deer have wrecked our cantaloupe patches all the time. They don’t seem to care for the fruit, but apparently the leaves on the vine are delightful lol.

The rabbit is at the level your plant’s at and easily a walk by snack. :expressionless: and they tend to move slower and don’t disturb the ground much. You might make a perimeter walk, looking for rabbit droppings near by.
A nice cage around it would keep even deer out.

The exp with racoon’s for me is they tend to just take a nice big dump after they’re done snooping around. They snatch and grab, so if they want something your more likely to find nothing there.

it sounds gross but seriously, they best way I keep most animals at bay is using a scent. quite simply, human urine or dog pee will spook most deer from even coming 50 foot from your grow. Rabbits don’t like to smell humans or dogs either.

Get some hog wire or fencing and make fence rings around them too. ( @Countryboyjvd1971 's suggestion) Your plant’s can be quite de-fence-less (pun intended) at ground level. I guess with my fabric container being 12" off the ground may also contribute to deterrence.


No deer or rabbits. My dog patrols the yard the entire time I’m out with him, but my band of feral cats do most of the yard guard duty. Believe it or not, Those things are quite territorial and keep out everything but a 'possum that visits nightly.

Right now I’m having issues with a plague of grasshoppers and I’m noticing more caterpillars all over the place! I don’t mind the grasshoppers as much as those damned worms!

BTW, it only looks like I’m doing a guerilla grow. These are with me at home. Knowing the story of this property would have it make sense to you.

Essentially, the place was a junkyard when I got here. It is improved quite a bit now, but still has a LONG way to go. As I clean, I try to reclaim a little more of the yard from the wild overgrowth that was allowed to take over.

Time keeps on slippin’…


Hey all another update from indoors
Need fo check on thenoutdoor scrog today been almost a week and a half since ive checked on her lol

But here the indoors grow not the best pictures but as you can see i have a full house lol

Heres a few of the lsd clones i took 4-5 weeks back they are just about ready to come out of the small 2x2x4 tent and join the rest of the girls
Running out of head riom in tent lol

Happy growing all :v:️ CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Looking good man :+1:


Thanks buddy wish i had more time to spend with them right now lol