Couldn't be prouder

About week 5, my girl is only about 3 inches tall currently (maybe 5 including the buried stem after transplant/initial solo cup.). Soil is about 6 ph water feeds/nute feeds range 6.5-7. Runoff is about 5.5 but we’ll slowly figure that out lol will post zoomed out photos tomorrow after dark time!!


Babies are looking really good. Not sure if it matters to you but you should crop your pictures to remove what looks like your real name :sunglasses:


I’m jealous, mine are halfway through week 6 and I can only find one calyx out of 5 damn plants :frowning:


Not my name but definitely someone’s that I should get off there haha can’t find the edit post button at the moment? @Ocean i threw her into 24 hour dark, only thing I’ve done different from the other two and these popped the next morning

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Look for the 3 dots at the bottom of the post then look for the bin symbol. You won’t be able to edit but you can delete, crop and repost :sunglasses:

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Thank you for editing it! It wasn’t letting me delete either haha had to flag it xD

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Here she is this morning more pistil growth from last night

Found some foxfarm soil for 17$ gonna be here on Thursday, rolling with the big dogs now :raised_hands: xD


Which did you go with the ocean forest?

Yes it was the ocean forest, just in
Time for my other two in cups to be transplanted as well!

Be careful, that soil is hot, so don’t feed for a while. I don’t have experience with it…have some just haven’t used it yet…but others here have and have had to babysit them a little

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I used FFOF for my autos from day one… I guess I didn’t understand how hot they were until later on… I was only able to feed them on week 8 because that soil holds a lot of nutrients… I don’t think it hurt my girls but I’m no expert. I’m not doing it again because I learned that as seedlings I could of killed them with this soil. I got lucky this time tho

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I use a peat moss perlite vermiculite mixture for a coarse seedling texture soil, I plan on only using FF for established plants!

Update pics


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I did all of my plants on my first grow in ffof from start to finish. Only thing i noticed at the beginning was a slight bit of yellowing on all leaves but nothing bad all my plants are in ffof in solos now 2 are mixed ffof and coco the rest is just ffof and they r doing good right now only a week old

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Before u get me the center cup is a clone trying to survive lmbo

Blade, I’m new at this but from what everyone seems to say about pots is get it out of the plastic & into a material bag before its too late.

Hard plastic is my main thing to avoid, I BOTCHED hard a transplant going from a hard plastic cup to a pot, ripped half the roots off doing so, the girl to the bottom right has a flawless transplant, think the one on the very bottom is due to transplanted to different types of soil, and one to the top left was the hard plastic. Did not want to come out

They are all the same age shit 30 days old at this point, all in their ‘pre flower’ 12/12 from seed

This be my biggest now

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Love the duct tape around the clear cups! I just dealt with my clear cups getting algae build up