Couldn’t get it to grow n now it’s starting to flower. Any suggestions to help grow?

Small pot with organic soil.outdoors. Plant maybe 10 inches tall. Leaves on bottom constantly turned colors in photos n clip em of n then next set happens too.

Yeah outside this time of the year it will start to flower.

It has probably been flowering for as long as you thought it was frozen. Looks like you have a ph issue or moisture issue that most likely took hold/progressed at the start of transition when the plant started drinking less. Your soil looks fairly mulchy from what I can see. The slower your substrate dries out, the slower your plant moves. It’s possible your plant “froze” while waiting for it’s roots to dry out a lil and get oxygen, which may have been prolonged by additional watering till now when your noticing the flowering signs. Get some soil that drains as fast as you can put in the water, and I would suggest using smart pots because they’ll assist your plant in keeping any excess moisture down

Ok ty. I’ll try n let it dry out n transplant into a smart pot. Hopefully since its so early flowering it will be ok to transplant

Any tips to lower ph of soil? I’ve tried everything n nothing got it below 6.9 according to push in soil tester.