Could you recommend a strain?

Could you please recommend a complete system with the more expensive carrots? I am on Amazon right now looking. Are the Tropf the best expensive ones?

Bucket or spigot… Although my water is very hard well water.


I’d ask Tropf directly about the hard water. The reservoir v spigot question is a matter of preference. Do you have a convenient spigot?

Yes… We have a sink in the tent room.

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Nice… Thank you for the help… Will call them regarding the hard water.

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Ask them if you can use nutrients too. I wouldn’t mix fertigation with organic soil, but if it was an option I might try the Blumat system in a soilless mix with Jack’s nutrients.

I checked their website… No phone number but I did send an email. I did ask about the hard water, if they have a water filter other than for large debris, and about nutrients in the reservoir.

Their product information does say to use their filter to filter out large debris and that it can be used to supply nutrient water.


I will keep you posted when I get a reply.

I like OG Kush a lot, and if you want skunky try the Super Skunk.

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I’d be discreet about discussing ordering, shipping, and packaging.

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Noted… Thanks.

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