Could you recommend a quality LED light with a modest price

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Could you recommend a quality LED light with a modest price, maybe a 4 footer. Also a light for flowering. I’ve seen a lot of junk out there that’s totally overpriced.

@ILGM.Zoe i use Viparspectra 450w LED. They were $139. They have veg and bloom switch. You can get larger ones. Some growers use mars hydro. Ill tag @dbrn32 since he is the light man!


meizhi 1200w is almost 4’…cost about 300.oo
covers 4by4 well
as @VelcroThumb stated @dbrn32 is a light guru
quantium boards are the rave right now…


This is just my 2 cents but I started with "inexpensive " led fixtures from Amazon. They claimed 300w but were only about half that really. I can say they grew plants, just not as good as I’d have liked. I ended up modifying the fixtures and taking out the cheap China led’s and replacing them with name brand good quality led cob’s.
And now they kick ass!
Looking back in wish I’d have just bit the bullet in the beginning and bought one good light. The cost of the cheap lights and the cost to modify them in the end cost me more then if I’d just bought a better light in the beginning…
But I like the Horticulturel lighting Group or HLG fixtures they’re not crazy expensive but really put out there ligt! I’d say they’re the mid price fixtures.
If you’re not afraid of some DIY you could build a fixture for pretty cheap too.
I was told in the beginning, don’t skimp on the light. But I did and it cost me more in the long run…
Anyway just my experience buying my first lights, good luck hope you grow dank nugs!


What is your price range and what size space are you trying to light?


Could we get a little more info from the customer please? Like how large of space, and maximum allowable budget?


Are the simple COB kits the best deal these days? I hear they just screw stuff into pre-drilled holes and plug in some connectors into sockets.


You can buy them like that, or very close anyway. I’m pretty sure the quantum board kits and rapid led kits only require a screwdriver and strippers to complete.

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I use this light here in my setup, I absolutely love it and it is affordable.

418 watts. Same old ad hype, but actually a pretty good light. This would probably be enough by itself to run a 3 x 3 grow tent through flower. Compare to LEDs that are really 150-200 watts, and you need to buy multiple lights to get any decent yield.