Could you please suggest the most colorful strains

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hi, I would like to grow buds of different color. Could you please suggest the most colorful strains. I really want bright blue or purple.

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Blue Portland
Purple kush
Columbia gold or red
Pink panther if you can find it
Zelda haze looks like it has a blonde wig on it
Panama red is pretty cool to
Pink cotton candy
Sugar black rose
Aucopoco gold is cool but you need more chicken manure to make it shimmer golden
Hope this helps you

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Blue Haze is cool :sunglasses:

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Oh cool!
Which seeds I can buy here?
I really want some kind of crazy unusual color. And don’t want to add any food coloring or anything else.
Could you please guys suggest the most brightest (no green)

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All kinds… you should browse the online catalog. Happy shopping!!

Yeah, OK.
I did it.
I bought black widow coz it was purple on the picture. But it came out not purple.
That is why I am asking what to order to get crazy colored buds.

Part of the color is genetics, nutes and low temps.

The LA Confidential looks nice, but I haven’t tried it, myself.

I did grow an lsd-25 auto from Fast Buds, though. Deep purple & black buds from the start of flowering. Smells like Sugar Smacks cereal. It’s a hard-hitting indica, though it gives me more of a head high than a body stone.