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What’s up ILGM?

I’m having some issues with some Kentucky Wonder I’m growing and need some advice please.

I’m 95% sure this is Nitrogen Toxicity. I stopped using nutrient and have been using PH’d water only for the last three days.

Today I noticed the newer growth is now starting to look bad.

Is this for sure a Nitrogen issue? If so, what do I need to do to stop it?

Should I add Tiger to the PH water or keep using PH’d water only?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.image|375x500

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Looks like overwatering to me, but I’m not the one to ask.

Let’s tags @MattyBear @Hogmaster @Myfriendis410

They will have a better diagnosis.


That is a good possibility. Thanks for the advice.

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I agree that it looks like a watering issue. If it doesn’t improve it could be root problems (associated with excess water)


How often and how much water would you recommend for this plant? Should I let it dry out a few days before watering again?


How large is the plant, how large is the pot, what are you growing in (media)?

You want the soil to dry out almost to the plant wilting. Then water to runoff. If you are using FFOF a little trick to help is to spray the surface of the media with an atomizer full of water: this immediately makes the top layer of soil ready to accept liquid, otherwise it can run off and down the sides of the pot. Do water slowly. I always give em a scoop (1 quart) and move on then come back 5 minutes later and give em the rest of their water. That pre-moistens the soil and makes it much more hydroscopic.


I’m using 5 gallon pots and FFOF soil. I believe you guys are 100% correct on the over watering. My helper (girlfriend) and myself take care of these plants and over water is a great possibility. We have been watering about every other day, sometimes every day.

We have been doing what you said, wetting the top of the soil a little and then slowly watering. We have been using 1 gallon of water per plant once they we about 30 days from bloom, about 3/4 of a gallon before then.

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Looks like you are sorted!

I would get a long poker to aerate the soil, start poking holes around the stem to the bottom of the pot.


Ambient conditions and plant size versus pot size and time in the life cycle will all determine their water demands. You can aerate the soil but usually after it’s been in use for 8 weeks or so. By that time with my soil grows, it’s a solid ball of roots and you can’t get anything down in the soil mass haha.

Water to runoff next time, then monitor the plant until it’s starting to droop. Try to do your visual more than two hours before lights out to avoid confusing the plant’s ‘night posture’ with wilting. Once you have an idea of how long you can go you can adjust accordingly. Pick up the pot just before you do and gauge the weight by feel. This is what most of us do.


AAA. I thought about doing that but worried about damaging the roots. I’m going to go do that now, thank you very much!

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I really appreciate all the help! Thank you.


Even if you bruise, nick or chop a root, it’s just like the top of the plant, it grows 2 more.

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take a bucket same size as the one your plant is in,fill to same depth as your soil is,with same soil,then lean the bucket towards you,feel the weight against your hand,then take the bucket your plant is in,do same thing,feel the weight.
you want to feed your plant when you get to 45 to 55% moisture,when you get to 45 feed it,best and most effective way for new folk is to do as i mentioned BUT weight the pot when the soil is fresh and dry,write it down,then water the soil i mean wet ,write down the weight,so you done that,you think your plant needs feed ,so you stick a finger in there and seems dry right,put the pot on the scale weigh it,when the weight shows 45 to 55 percent less than wet ,feed that bad girl.
this will elimant your over and under watering habits,and after you keep lifting them damn pots and get tired of it,you will have the feel for the weight down hahahah