Could use an outside opinion

What do you guys think of my plants?


Sweet, I was going to start some outside plants this weekend but this cold snap has set me back. Those look nice, thanks for sharing.


Looking good


They look great. Should be fun


Those are the Bruce banner autos. How until they begin to flower you think? I think about 2 more weeks myself

They are about 5 weeks old

Looks good! Mine started wicked early inside.
Now in their permanent homes till fall.
Same setup last year yielded just over 2lbs… was happy with results but always trying to get better.


I’m growing a couple outdoor for the first time. I’m excited. You’re looking good. I wish I had that much usable space.

Looking good !

How do the tomato cages work for you? I assume they would be enough for autoflowers, but wouldn’t be quite strong or big enough for photoperiods.

4:30 AM 5/29 39 degrees F. I confirm the cold snap

lovely jublies

Them today. They got rained on for 3 days almost straight but soaked up the sun today real nice

They are good for me. Still have to tie additional support in the fall when buds are heavy. We get a lot of wind being on top of a hill. But we also get unshaded sun for 9+ hrs during spring and summer. It gets so hot that if I don’t water every morning it will burn right through them. But yes, highly recommend cages.

Great. I think I’ll try tomato cages for the autoflowers I’m growing. I gave up using cages for tomatoes because they always outgrow the cages and end up falling over anyway. I’m trying a different method for tomatoes this year, so I have cages to spare. Happy growing!