Could use a mentor

Those seedlings have reached a point where you can give em a lil more light. Between 200-500 ppfd for veg & veg starts at first true leaves. Start low 2-275 and see how they respond.

The pinapple chunk looks good. Lil crazy but thats N toxicity for ya. She will grow out of it. Prolly ready for a feed and more training by next water. Im concerned about the MG reaping havoc on your soil ph but as long as it stays around 6 a flush before flipping her should take care of it. Obviously we have time before then.

Lemon haze is outdoor plant yeah? She is a beauty! Sad about that dead skunk :slight_smile:

Everyone looks great! Should think about potting up those seedlings soon.

Your doin great work my friend. Keep loving them as you are. Any questions at all, just keep em coming. Got a busy couple days ahead of me but ill check in often so as to not leave ya hanging. Have a good day.

Already one on task. I forgot to update before going for a bike ride. I think next feed I’m gonna top the pineapple chunk next feed. I fed her earlier this afternoon after I tied her down . I read I should top her after 2 node growth and next time after 3 nodes and then 4 nodes and so on. Is this true? Also i got a good high humidity in the seedlings room. How do I prevent mold and other high humidity disasters. I am running no exhaust and swapping air a few times a day. 3 fans on low to keep the air in the whole room moving at all times. I cleaned the floor and walls with a vinegar solution. Processing: IMG_20220921_162047479_HDR.jpg…
Uploading: IMG_20220921_162034311.jpg…
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Uploading: IMG_20220921_161721214.jpg…

Oh yeah forgot all the good stuff. Ro pH was 5.9 and my ppm was 1700 last time and this time it was 2000 but I also started 9ml molasses with this water and all went with the Calmag. So my pH was 6.7 and 920ppm to start with. I wish I would have kept it just water and a little calmag so I could have a better sample to check ppm.

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Molds and mildews thrive in high co2, High humidity, and still air environments. That means the best way to combat them is to eliminate the variables that you can and moderate the ones you cant eliminate. Need humidity around 60-65% for seedling/veg. Since we cant eliminate that we moderate it with circulation and ventilation. For circulation you want air to be moving, fans do the job what size and how many dictated by growspace. You dont want fans blowing hard on plants but it should jitter the leaves. The next way to moderate the humidity is to vent moist air. Setting a vent fan to kick on at the high point your looking for in humidity will create a range vs maintaining a constant. By moderating the humidity we have eliminated two of the variables. Circulation kills the still air variable and fresh air exchange from venting moist air eliminates the high co2 variable. This will make it very difficult for molds and mildews to take hold in your growspace.

Your runoff is so all over the place…damned MG!

Need this to be lower. If using molasses dont use calmag at same time. Molasses has both calcium and magnesium in it. Your watering even with calmag in it needs to be between 350-500ppm adding more nutrient at this time is only going to lower you soil PH. The soil you are using has enough nutrient in it for 4-6 weeks. Only adding calmag to stabilize the waters ph so it adjust the soil ph up.

Think like that, like this

Or some semblance of the two.

Thank you for all the info. When I was feeding her yesterday I almost topped her again but I thought I would wait to see how she does with the molasses first. You were right about having to water her sooner. Usually I get run off after about 1/2 gallon or so. This time I got in about 3/4 before it started coming out the bottom

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So i pulled the trigger on transplanting. Had some issues with it all coming out in one piece though. It was basically a pile of loose soil but i think it all worked out the same.

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You can mitigate some of that by letting the soil in the cup get dryer then normal. Moist and it crumbles.

They look happy in their new home.


Found a good video on youtube about mixing your nute line. When mixing nutes there is a propper order. 3 rules when mixing. 1) always mix in propper order. If you dont do it right you can cause the various chemicals to drop a molecule and create new chemicals. Always follow the order.
2) never mix nutes together with other nutes. Ie pouring two nutes into a container then mixing that container with water. Always add one nute to water mix, add the next nute to that same water, mix… wash rinse repeat.
3) always double check your ph and tds before dispensing nute solution to your soil. Never take for granted that the ph and tds are the same as last time even if you used the same quantities and water source.
Here is the video.

Havent seen one specificly for veg nutes but rules still apply. Order on data sheet usually order to mix in.

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Hey I don’t know how to express the appreciation I have that you went out of your way to look into my new line like that. That says a lot about you as a person to me. I value your word and advice quite a bit. I appreciate all your guys’s input thank you

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So that the soil was actually too dry is what I was thinking or I didn’t let him grow enough to wear their roots held the soil together I never even gave them a shot glass full all I did was spray you know five six squirts couple times a day on them. Or maybe it’s because I have too much perlite in there. I only say this because the stuff that came out of the cup was drier than the stuff in the bag. Do you got any ideas of what went wrong there

Prolly roots then. I hate transplants, Im good enough at it just alot more tender then I tend to be.

Grow weed for the rest of your days and we will call it even :slight_smile:
You are most welcome.

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@OGIncognito @Docnraq have you guys ever seen this. It don’t look right to me. My branches that split off the mainline grew branches as if they were topped but they weren’t touched. I was going to top it today and feed it again cuz it needs to be fed and pawn looking at it I’m just lost at what I’m seeing here

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Yup branches grow nodes and more branches as they go along.

Well I guess I really wasn’t expecting it like that lol. So what do I top the main three colas or growth shoots I mean.

Fed her a gallon of water with calmag. Run off was 836ppm and PH 6.46.

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Yay! Do a feed next watering start at 1/2 strength feed. Start at week 2. The more I learn about this nute system the more it seems designed for soil like promix, for example. Soils that start out with no ammendments. I chose week 2 to start because it includes voodo juice which is a root expander. This will help increase the root mass. The bennificial aspect of that is pretty self explanitory, yeah?

While not on the list, calmag must be added to your water first. The mixing order is most important. If you dont follow it you can end up changing the solution into something else all together. Always mix nutes one at a time into solution. Add, shake/stir then add the next, shake/stir, so on and so on. The order is as it is printed on the feed chart.
After its all mixed let it sit for 10 mins or so. This gives everything a chance to come together.
I dont trust the idea of PH perfect. Ive never used it so I ask that you start out with distrust as well. Please PH and TDS your nute solution after the 10 min wait to verify that it is infact, ph perfect. Lets let it prove itself through repeated use and testing. Dont forget to collect and test the runoff as usual. We will use the resulting figures to decide the next liquid input, likely to be another half feed then transition to water feed water feed. We’ll let the numbers decide. Sound good?

I think you selected a very good nute lineup. Reviews have been good and looking into what each one does shows its very inclusive and well rounded.

You may wish to feed your outdoor plant. I see no reason not too, just follow the chart for flowering start midway as you are 4 or 5 weeks into flower at this point. She doesnt look any worse for not having been fed really so its up to you, doing nothing is always an option. Is she in a pot or in the ground?

Did all this make sense? I smoked some hash before typeing this and I am just blasted!

I want to thank you for the opportunity to walk with you through your first growing attempts. I am learning right alongside you and it feels good to know all my time reading and growing has been worth while outsixe of just getting me stoned.

As for training your plant. Im gonna tag in a coupke growers who yave more photo training experience. Autos are where my experience is in training and none of the High stress stuff is in my wheelhouse.

So lets go, @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 @MeEasy are all very skilled growers and can direct you to getting that lady squared away as far as training goes. Can you masters of the grow direct my friend here on a good course of action to train the lady in this linked post. Im at a loss of what his next step should be.


I like that whole process you just explained. It makes sense which is always good thing.

Actually I’ve been feeding that outside one since week one. I usually only give her 2 gallons of nutrients and then maybe a little bit of more water depending on how dry it’s been. But I haven’t been mixing it that way that’s for sure in fact when I called and talked to they’re gross support which is usually pretty nice they told me to put in the party and be last and that it doesn’t matter which order I put them in and I thought that was awfully weird because I had seen stuff where it had to be in a certain order. But honestly I forgot all about it until you said something so I really appreciate it

Lol. It all makes sense. But i did just burn one out back.

Much appreciated. I even educated my brother a couple days ago on air extraction and cross sectional area and flow as well. And he’s the reason I got into all this kind of or I should say he gave me the idea I was just a little slow to catch up as he has about three or four years on me

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