Could use a mentor

Sure did. How was yours, Doc?


Hey @Djh1984 , is this the same plant that you are in last week of water with? The latest pic you posted still has lots of white pistils showing, I think you’re you’re more than a week from harvest, especially if it’s the same plant from post 491, 28 days ago…not started flowering then. If it IS the same plant, I’d say another 3 or 4 weeks easy, maybe 5 if you’re lucky.

If she were mine, I’d still be feeding her and let her fatten up and ripen a lot more.

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Quiet. My daughter is in Cali visiting her BF so we havent even made dinner yet. Gonna make it tomorrow I think. Me and Raq dont actively celebrate major holidays so its alot more lax when most peeps are runnig around crazed we are chillen in our PJ’s. Got a 20lb bird just waiting for its bacon armor though


Looking good too!


@Spudgunner thanks but no thisplant started to flower October 5. I planned on cutting her next week hopefully with trichomes permitting I’ll be lucky if I find one or two trichomes that are Amber on each Bud right now. Sugar leaves are full of Amber ones but the buds themselves are still growing I want to say. But hey thanks for the heads up if that was the case I’m glad I would have had someone say something so I appreciate it


Cool. So that would be 9 weeks of flower or so. My first indoor grow was a run of Death Bubba clones, started them under lights on Aug 13, flipped to 12/12 on October 1st, and did a Christmas Day harvest. Took 12 weeks from flip, so probably 10 weeks of flower. Sometimes they take longer, can’t remember if yours is a photo or auto, just don’t be in a rush to finish based on time.


Thank you. This one’s am auto. I’ll take some close up here in a bit

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Some start of 4 week using advanced nutrients.


That is some sound advice. Thank you

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Another justwater and molasses feeding for her.
Run off 6.7 and 459ppm


@Docnraq or anyone else for that matter hey what’s going on with her. Ijust fed her this morning right before we talked and she is sad.
Ph 6.56 879ppm
Ro 6.8ph 2200ppm


She looks fantastic!

It’s hard to be patient but, you can be assured, you will be rewarded by waiting.

Hope you don’t mind me sharing my opinion. In a well grown environment and with a healthy plant, during the final week or two, they will sometimes take on a grey’ish / purple’ish color.

They will also swell in the last week or two and you’ll know it by the way all the parts of the bud start to appear fat and swollen.

Trics will also swell. Unless you have foxtails, which it doesn’t appear you have, she will stop growing white hairs. The hairs will also turn brownish/reddish in color they will also recede as the bud swells.

You plant looks good and healthy. Therefore, I tend to agree on waiting. She’s still producing and growing.

With that being said, if you choose to harvest now, you will still get high but…

It’s your plant and your decision. I just wanted to share my thought for the day and that’s all I got… :grin:
Sorry If I’ve said things you already know.

What is patience??

Patience is:

Waiting on tent to arrive.
Waiting on seeds to arrive.
Waiting on seeds to pop.
Waiting on plant to grow.
Waiting on flower to see if it’s male or female.
Waiting on plant to finish flowering.
Waiting on plants to dry.
And finally, guess what, waiting some more. :person_facepalming:t2:

Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


@HappyHydroGrower never mind someone’s advice and never not consider it. I appreciate your kind words and your advice on patience. Couldn’t have came at a better time sitting on my grow room staring at her looking at her then I get your message so any thoughts that I had of chopping her went out the door you’re right. She is still growing white hairs


Looks like i got done nitrogen toxicity on the one i think.


Cant say, give her some time to bounce back from the watering. It looks like you maybe watered to early but that can happen from poor drainage to. As well as cold water. Is this the soil you made?


No not the soil i made. It’s ffof

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Did they perk up?

I’ll know when i get home. First night back since covid

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I got one with high soil ph turning greener from pale yellow
And one that looks like it’s going the other way. Or it’s the apple cider viniger i was told not to use us starting to be to much. Or something else. I will attatch close up on one going greener. She has leaf damage starting