Could use a mentor

So let me start by saying I love the help and patience of everyone I have interacted with on this forum. Anytime I have a question on something I’m doing or something I read up on I come on here and have answers sometimes within seconds it seems. I saw on a post that a moderator advised sometime to get a mentor for their first grow. And that got responses that brought me to this point. I would take the help if someone would like to walk through my first grow. I mean I have an outside plant that I planted that is doing great but I got that as a clone from my brother and it was already 45 days into veg so I’m my book that don’t count. {Picture 1}. I have an indoor headbands that was also given to me but that as well was already vegging. In fact I had that one outside next to the other and when it got overgrown by the other plant I replaced it into the same outside soil and brought it into the grow room. {I just got my new light and was itching to put it to use}. Grow rooms weren’t even finished yet. {Picture 2}.
I took a room downstairs in and split it in half. Then I split the split to make 2 more rooms. 6x5ft. I sealed up the rooms with plastic before putting up some insulated sheeting. I have a 150w metal halide light putting out 147 ppfd {bought online not an app}. I have an ro system coming but as for now have been using distilled water with a pH of 6.8. I practically killed all of my first real run {seed to harvest} by overwatering and using miracle gro soil. 1 plant remains. {Picture 3}. This is in my other room under a phlizon fd-6000. This light is set up and delivering 457ppfd on my plant from picture 3 and 575 to 645ppfd on plant in picture 2. I also have a clone in there from picture 1 plant. I use the nutrients line ADVANCE NUTRIENTS sensi edition which always leaves me a pH around 6 to 6.5. I only give the plant from picture 2 nutrients. I use a Mars hydro 6 inch air exchange with thermostat controller.
Ok now that all that is outta the way here is where my needing mentoring comes into play. I recently have germinated and planted 4 new plants. Expert gorilla glue, Glookies, MAC, and Pineapple Chuck. The MAC has popped through the soil, waiting on the other 3. They were planted 3 days ago. I have domes over then and I spray the domes about twice a day. Sometimes once depending on what the soil looks like. The are in Ocean forest soil. My pH of the soil before anything was 6.7. This grow has been documented heavily. My temp in this room is almost always 77-79 degrees and humidity around 60. Sometimes 56 and ass high as 65 percent. I pop the top off the one that broke soil 2-3 times a day anywhere from 5min to 30 min. I’m sure I left out important info but there it is in a nutshell. If anyone would care to take on a mentorship I’d listen and learn your way well and be able to pass it on to the next someday.


Why did you put rocks on top of your soil? Is it outdoors?

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Okay so truth be told I had planted that plant in miracle grow soil and I needed to get it out of there ASAP cuz it was killing the plant. But before I transplanted into different soil I tried flushing the soil which wasn’t anywhere near a great idea and while doing so it washed all the dirt away from the stem and right down to the roots and it fell over so instead of just planting it a little deeper in the dirt I wasn’t thinking it through and I just thought I’ll just throw rocks on top. I have since taken out the rocks and added some soil instead but that picture was taken after transplant prior to removing the rocks obviously. I’m new at this so I’ll probably make some of the dumbest decisions you guys have seen


Correction photos 2 and 3 should be swapped

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Not dumb decisions, “experimenting” haha

I would advise to stop bringing outside plants to the inside as you are asking for alot of problems by doing that. Alot of my peers who did that ended up eith ongoing pest problems for quite a while


I need to quit experimenting than and just slow down and be patient lol. Every time I go downstairs it should be a quick 5 minutes to check on them water and whatever and it’s been a half an hour 45 minutes down there messing with something. Thanks though I appreciate it


Yeah I could use that advice before I transplanted it and brought it inside. I had an aphid infestation that took me a while to get rid of.

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Word so I’d suggest you pick a soil mixture, pick a nutrient line, and get a ph + ppm pen.

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I think alot of interaction is good i even play them music snd sit and watch them grow

I went with ADVANCED NUTRIENTS, vivosun pH and ppm pen and ocean forest soil.


Lol that’s what I do. Sit and watch them. It’s nice. They don’t talk back, fight, or make messes everywhere. Unlike upside where I have 4 kids exactly that


Let me know if I can help Growmie and I’ll tag you on my current grow if you’re interested :love_you_gesture:


oh! That poor plant! (she grins) We’ve all been there and done things we thought were great ideas at the time, and next day, we’re like, WTF was I thinking?! Keep reading this forum, you’ll learn tons! I know I have! Keep on rockin! (see what I did there?) and uh, no, actually, don’t!
hugs n peace!

That was me.

If you find someone willing to step up as a mentor I can set up a P.M. for the two of you.

I’ve done some mentoring in the past (Hi @ash93!) and that turned out well: he’s a mad grower now haha! My only problem is time. I’m coming into my busy season (hunting) so will be in and out for a couple of months.


I can help. No need for a dm Im here every single day. ILGM and coffee is my wake up routine.


@Djh1984 you couldn’t do better with anyone else: take him up on it.

The offer is open if you want it: sometimes a phone call is more helpful…


Your words are kind sir. Thank you


Without a doubt I could use the help. Which you have been doing this whole time. I actually started doing your water technique with the seedlings I just planted. I appreciate the advise and all you guys on here. I haven’t even learned how to tag anyone yet but I too am on here daily.

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Id gladly take your help. I don’t know how it works here. Do I just post my phone number or how do I send a DM.

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