Could this be fungus?

@Funkytwobucks Overall your plant looks happy. Get the white powdery mildew under control keep airflow going you should finish up with a nice plant. Do you have a exhaust fan system to pull the hot stale air out the top of the tent ? If so increase the speed a little on the fan.

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I also second on a bit of thrip presence
One of my plants had them early on and since been rid of by predators thankfully but it did cause the plant to also create these growths called galls
Almost looks like a tiny tumor
I was gonna try and get a pic but since manicuring my plant I believe those leaves were trimmed off

Gotta get them early on they can be much harder to get rid of than aphids because of their mobility and they dig out plant tissue in new growth areas to lay their eggs


Hi, I have a 4inch exhaust fan with filter running at 100%.
I’ve been using a clip on fan but added another fan today. Hoping this covers me.
Thank you

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I’m using neem oil. Is that what you used?

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Do You run your exhaust fan 24/7 . And two circulating fans you should be good to go.

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Everything runs 24/7 but the light. Neem oils says use everyday for a week so like I do with nutrients, I’ll cut that in half.

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I really think your best bet for thrips is natural predators…nothing you spray is going to get into every little fold like they can
And they also eat the eggs and disrupt their life cycle

I’ve only used a product called grow safe
It’s natural plant oils but that was for aphids and it worked for them …as I said thrips are different and can lay eggs in multiple places
Aphids pretty much eat crap and give birth in place that’s why plain water spray works as good as any pesticide

Have you inspected closely for any kind of pests with a loupe or the like?

I’d recommend taking that step first really look everywhere
Under leaves
In the cracks you need a magnifying device with a light even in the daytime

You’ll see what belongs and what doesn’t then take it from there

Best thing to do is exactly identify the problem rather than throw a bunch of general remedies at it …

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I just ordered a lighted loupe and should have it Monday. Thank you

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I noticed the second fan dropped the RH from 65% to 53%!! That should help too.

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No worries …
Hey listen
Before you kill anything try and get a pic and give me a look …chances are a couple days aren’t going to matter and u wouldn’t want to kill anything benificial

Some of these pest larva can look the same .
I’m a noob but have done more research than I ever did in school lol …I have an entire season here of distinguishing the Good and bad

Just trying to be of help and a second set of eyes !!

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Will do… :+1:

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Oh yeah 53% humidity will be good .

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Put in sticky traps a couple of hours and already caught 2 of them. I also saw what looked like a tiny maggot the thief day and squished it.

The bottom 2 pics are too blurry but that top pic looks like an an aphid to me

Look at the wings compare

That’s an adult aphid …
They also look similar to a regular fly …

If you see those shiny green green flies anywhere leave them be
That’s a long legged fly and also a predator of thrips and aphids

They’re really fast runners and I’ve seen them fly around. They’re beneficial?

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Ypu mean the tiny shiny green flies yes they are beneficial

Also be aware of these on your plants
This is on my plant right now

My profile pic and screen name are what hatches and they eat thrips and aphids too

I like the minute pirate much more because it reproduces

The lacewing does not
It eventually spins a cocoon and pupates to an adult

You can even see this is an older leaf and it’s all spotted

It would have been trimmed had it not had this egg

Should hatch later today or tomorrow
When first laid they are translucent green and turn this color and you can see segmented parts through the egg

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Thanks for the education. So much to learn.

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