Could this be an Auto?

Hey guys,

I am vegging some Bruce banner and Gold leaf plants. One of my plants seems to already have white long pistols. Could this be an auto or does that seem early for pistols?

Day 25 under 2000 bestva led reflector.

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It’s probably just showing sex, which isn’t unusual; this is maybe a touch on the early side.

Did you repot this plant and bury the early internodes?

Just checking, but what’s the light cycle?


@KeystoneCops thanks man! Yes, I repotted into 5 gallon pots from solo cups about 3 days ago. The light cycle is currently 19 hours on and 5 hours off.


Is it wet in the pictures? If you foliar feed, you want to do so at lights out to prevent the droplets from lensing, and burning polka dots in your leaves. And there’s nothing wrong with blurple, your plant seems to dig it! But we can see lots more in natural light and catch stuff easier. :v:

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