Could someone tell me what I have here?

This is a clone off of a auto flower. I was experimenting with. I was told you could not clone a auto flower. It started developing these little pod looking things. I think they are seed pods, but i have no male plants. Can someone tell me what happen?

![20190725_151555|407x500](upload://dDow0eKcLGOgd7MxQKdbOgMiKOa.jpeg) ![20190723_174001|374x500](upload://m067mw7SQKkM4AvPsj5yPcbaRQJ.jpeg) ![20190725_151555|407x500](upload://dDow0eKcLGOgd7MxQKdbOgMiKOa.jpeg)

Do you have a picture? Looks like it didn’t upload

Im not sure how to send this pic

Looks like.its revegging

A mix of foxtails and revegging… @DankGunslinger @DoobieNoobie @PurpNGold74 you seeing what im seeing ?

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Did it upload this time?

I seen it . it looks like a mix of foxtailing and revegging to me .

Im going to tag you in a pic of mine let me know if it is similar to yours .

Maybe that’s what you’re seeing? I don’t know I’ve only done one but it was photo.

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Ok…i think i have a better pic.

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Was the mother plant in flower when you cloned?


@Haildamaged has cloned lots of autos. He has had some continue to grow like a photo. But I don’t think he’s ever cut one during flower which is what this looks like to me. Maybe he can answer if he gets on today.