Could really use some input

Ok so here we go again it’s been 19 days since the seeds been in the ground it’s my first grow I have 4 plants going and I definitely think I killed them help some input would be great I planted the seed in 10-12. I just got my soil meter in I’ve over water for sure will they bounce back

Light - knock off hlg 260
Seed - super sunk ILGM
Soil- happy frog fox farm no nutes just water
Have a box fan on low Blowing in room
Water is distilled and ph to 6.5
Humidity 48-50
Temp 68 at night 80 at day

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They should be fine,just ease up on the water.Water in a circle around the plants,but don’t saturate the soil. As they grow,adjust the amount of water.You should only be watering every couple days at this point,and small amounts.

Yea I’m. It gonna water for another day or two and then use the spray bottle every other

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You don’t need to PH distilled water and your use of the soil probe moisture meter scares me as those things are worthless. If you intend to grow cannabis you need to invest in a decent digital PH and TDS meter. I absolutely guarantee that meter is not reading correctly. Or even close.

Plants don’t need any nutes until the first water leaves yellow and drop (cotyledons). HF is mild soil and you will in all likelihood need to supplement at some point but better to let the plant tell you when to do so.


I have a digital ph and tds meter for the water someone suggested I get a soil ph meter so I got it

I’m going to suggest a different watering alternative.

I think you should give seedlings a good watering, then wait until the pot is almost dry before watering it again. Depending on size of pot, 5-7 days before watering again.

By giving a thorough watering and letting it dry out from the top down it encourages vigorous root growth by searching out the water at the bottom of the pot. Watering a little bit every day or two does not encourage root growth.

I have used both techniques I started watering with a spray bottle but it had to be done everyday so I quit that and started saturating the pot once a week.
I also agree about those 3 in 1 meters, they are useless even the moisture reader. If you follow that meter you will kill a seedling everytime.

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The plants are drooping gotta be from over watering ?

I would say so but I also would bump up the humidity up a little because seedlings absorb water thru the leaves while the roots develop. May want to also consider a dome.

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