Could I grow in this area ? See photos


Hey guys

I would like you advice about a spot where I would like to grow guerrilla outdoor

Do you think whether this soil is good for outdoor growing ?

See pictures and thanks for your help


You can if it get min of 8 hours of direct sun during the summer months
Then there’s the logistics of watering and feeding ?


totally agree.
when I found my sight I started looking at the tree line to the north. then I would pan around fallowing the trees looking for the spot that has the most south facing open ground.
I did this to find the spot that would have the most light during the spring, summer, and fall months. (also reverse this if your in the southern hemisphere). then consider privacy, security, and ease of access. its a lot of labor trekking water and other supply’s in and out.
from your picks, If it were myself, I would take some time and prep your site. fell any trees that need to go. weed eat +10’ out from where you want to grow. if your planting in the ground then till the soil till it is loose and treat it if you want but you don’t have too, and then cover with garden fabric. tilling the soil now will help promote the growth of bacteria and enzymes while giving the soil time to rest over winter covering with garden fabric will keep new seeds from falling on to your tilled soil.
hope this helps :smile:


I think my one concern would be with the picture around the middle that shows the moss growing. That makes me think “damp” and “not much airflow”. Something mounded up would fix that if you get the sunlight needed.


If it were me I would prep the area by digging holes
And introducing my own soil into the new holes. I personally like knowing what my plants are growing it to make it easier to diagnose issues that arise. But that’s just my opinion I know others grow directly into the ground without any issues.


YES! Or, to make sure there are no trees in the immediate vicinity stealing your nutrients, roto-till an area and start with that. IMHO, people are buying “forest soil”, so till that stuff in. Go to the local office for checking soil (I’m stoned and can’t think of the name) and go from there. You can then get an idea of what to add.


the spot looks ok, didn’t see were you are as long as you dont get early winters were you are, will grow fine their i would always recommend a green house in case it does freeze before harvest have the option to put a small heater, plants can handle freezing temps but add wind to that and you will lose some plants also i just use ladybugs for pest control if confined in a greenhouse the ladybugs will keep your plants bug free without having to spray them


it is a good loking spot. it would help you if you start them in 5gallon pails (with lots of holes drilled in them) there are safer to carry thru the woods and just burry it all, reusable to


Hi greentree

thanks for your help

Should I dig holes and put my own soil or should I just I plant them directly into the native soil ?


blending some of your soil and native soil help the transition. and add some fertilizer to the bottom and side of the hole so it can grow into it


You could use two gallon buckets and wedge them into the ground