Could I get advice on visuals of my plants?

Hey gang! First time grower here.

I posted an initial thread with a bit more information on my setup here:

At the time, I thought I was having light burn on some of my plants because the room got so warm during these summer days. I’ve since been able to keep them at a max of 79f but more often it stays between 72-77f.

I’ve been using the Beginner pack of growth nutrients and I feel like my biggest plant may be getting some nutrient burn. I’ve just added more water to the mix this morning to even it out a bit. Nutrients:

I’m keeping the ph around 6.0.

I’m sad to see 2 of the 5 looking fairly stunted. They do have little leaves sprouting at the top, but as you can see, they aren’t anywhere near the queen of the pack (she’s the one with the nutrient burn(?))

Two in the middle seem to be doing ok, but just not as big as the queen there.

I have them being watered for 1 min every 40 min. At first I thought this was overkill so I added more time, then I noticed the queen getting a bit droopy, so I set it back to the 1 min every 40 min.

I’m certain I’m leaving details out that will help you in giving advice, so I will happily reply to any questions with as much detail as I can!

Thanks for giving them a look-see!

Here’s a pic of “the queen” from September 4. This was the day AFTER I increased the watering time back to 1 min every 40 min. The day prior, she was looking down.

I added an extra 1.0g of nutrients on September 5.

Here’s a pic from September 7.


79f is ideal.

Ph should be as close to 5.8 but 5.5-6 will keep it alive again stick to 5.8 its the sweet spot for soilless grows.
Doubtful it’s light burn from that far.
How is thst water system meant to work? Read directions? Call manufacturer?
Looks like rock wool grow to me so I would just water them as needed keep them moist, I would probably grow them in that little drip pan until their roots were getting to the edge and then can drop them in the system.


Hi Nicky! If you click on the link to the old post, you can see them in the system. I took them out for this pic to get some better lighting for you, but they have’t been in the drip tray since about August 15. :slight_smile:

What are you looking to know about the system? I might be able to answer the questions you were eluding to!

You are correct about the rock wool growth medium.

Maybe the small ones should come out of the system again?

I did look at your other post. The two in the right I would put in the system but the others need more roots yet.

How does the system work can you show me the guts of it? Is there a air stone in there or a mister or what’s going on?

Hi Nicky!

It’s called the Aerospring and says:

Blockquote The Aerospring is a low-pressure aeroponic system. Water is pumped up from the reservoir bucket through the vertical tower and showers the roots of the plants, delivering water, nutrients and oxygen.

I can’t take my unit apart easily for pictures, but there are some on their site:

Hope this helps!

PS: It seems my biggest plant has more spotting going on with its leaves. I’m thinking I may have done a poor job of balancing the PH and keeping it at a stable level. It was definitely in the safe parameters, but I’m guessing I didn’t keep it level enough.

I’m hoping they will be ok as autoflowers sound resiliant.

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Autoflowers are senstive.
Your water will hold PH better and longer the more ppm in the solution.
What’s your ppm?

That thing is very cool!

@Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower check this little low pressure aeroponics setup


Oh no! I thought autoflowers were supposed to be resilient, not sensitive :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

I don’t have a PPM tool. Are there any you recommend?

Cheap one off amazon or that you find in your local hydro store.

Autos are resilient to light, you can’t really herm them but they only have like 45 days to grow then they flower.
So those 45 days you need to keep it ideal as possible for best growth.

Autos are great to learn on I always say because it’s a steep learning curve, you fail lots and learn lots if your serious.


Very good to know! Well, I hope a couple of these beauties make it to flowering! Here’s some updates on their changes.

I appreciate all of the great feedback!


Me to you paid a pretty fricking penny for that thing.

Although once you get your plants to a decent size the device will make them grow like crazy. Tag me anytime. You need a hand with @ nicky

Hey gang! I’m hoping to get some feedback on my plant now that I have a PPM pen. Here are some picture updates. I’ve been doing my best to keep the plants around 77f to prevent heat stress.

I’m worried they either aren’t getting the right amount of nutrients or too many? I’ve looked through a couple “Whats wrong with my plants” guides, but at this point, my head is spinning.

Could anyone help me with their take on it?

As for the watering cycle, this is an aeroponics system that trickles water down on the roots set to 1 min of water every 1 hour.

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