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I am approaching the fifth week of flowering my white widow and northern lights. My question is this. I have read were turning the lights back in the seventh and eighth week from 12 hrs on and 12 hrs off to maybe 10 or 8 or even 6 hrs on will help in the development of the resin glands. Please don’t answer if you have not seen or tried this before. I am not a novice and I am just looking for an added boost. thanks for your help

Yea shortning from 12/12 to 11/13 than 10/14, it helps the plant finish a little faster and not only finish a little faster it will help produce a thicker resin coat, as well as build a thicker sheet of trichomes.

Reason they finish a little earlier is because by shortening the light cycle it’s telling your plants their season is coming to an end and they need to hurry and progress. Being said your approaching the 5th week id switch to 11/13 until 7th week of flowering, than once you enter the 7th week of flowering, change lights again to 10/14 they should be at 10/14 for the last 2 weeks. You should see a descent change in trichome levels within that amount of time


@Majiktoker gave you the perfect answer, I would have said the same.


Keep in mind intense light decrease resin trichomes and in the dark period the plant rebuilds the resin trichomes to protect the plant and to catch pollen from the male plant to breath before it harvest and die , so by extending your dark period will help the plant finish sooner like Majiktoker said and also help build more resin trichomes and fatten up them big cola budding tops . This is the way I finish my plants each grow . First week 12/12 , Second week 11/13 , than after the first two weeks of which is preflower after the switch from veg to flower , going into the First week of flower ( week three normally which is really week one ) I switch to 10/14 for 8-10 weeks or until plant finish , hope this helps , but I’ve never ran less than 10 hours on running lights ?


@yoshi has provided a good example as well

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You all have great answers andi agree with every and @ktreez420 took the words rigjtout of my mouth.
Great job you guys

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Hi everyone I would like to ask a question I have a quired my grow tent my fans and my carbon filters and I’m wondering will it remove all of the smell from around my house is it possible to eliminate all smell from outside of a resident with the proper set up looking about a 4x8 tent thank you all in advance