Could anyone help me out on when to flush my plants?

My plants have been in flower 4 weeks when shall i start flushing them ? Im new to this first grow hehe ! One of the plants still has white hairs on the bottom buds but thats only on bushy plant shall i leave that longer untill flush or do both together ? image|374x500


I flush mine 14 days before I harvest. But that’s an estimate. If my girl isn’t ready after 14 days a wait a little longer.


I stop feeding mine any nutrients when I see about two weeks left of my grow. And that’s usually enough but if I still think they may have some in their soil I will flush mine per the clearex bottles directions about 3 days before I’m going to harvest. That way I’m almost guaranteed no residual stuff in my smoke. I just used this method through one grow and seem to have good results. I’m going to try it again this time so don’t take it as gospel. Just happened to work for me… I think. :wink:
I’m sure some of the professionals will chime in with some really strong guidance or tried-and-true methods. Enjoy!


Really nice plants! What strain are they, autos or photos? They look a lot farther along than 4 weeks!

I agree…lots of brown/red pistils

Autos mate, taller one is 2Fast2vast and other is Wipeout express, same as 2Fast but with white widow crossed in it :slight_smile:

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I don’t flush but I do stop feeding 2 weeks Prior to harvest and just water it also depends on the nutrients that you are using but she looks completely healthy I would let her ride flushing will just take all of the nutrients completely out of the soil and that allows the plant to eat itself but the same process happens if you just water the last two weeks


4 weeks in flower you still have 8 weeks or so before harvest with most strains being a 12 weeks flower cycle ?
I also dont flush and stop feeding 1-2 weeks before harvest and only ph water them until harvest time


There autos, I forced them into flower after 3 weeks, its my first grow was worried because i have not got much height room :weary: