Could 2 Autoflower plants fit in my shower?

I came up with a new ideal, I have small shower in a spare bathroom that no one uses. The size is 28”x28” inches I’m considering converting this shower into a grown room. I’ll also be putting Mylar all along the floor, ceiling and walls but will 2 Autoflower plants in 5 gallon smart pots fit nicely into this space? All comments is greatly appreciated, thanks so much

They may get a bit cramped, but it’s doable.

The pots, themselves, will be about anywhere from 12"-16"+ in diameter, once filled. It will be a tight fit, but you can do it. By late flower, it’s going to be crazy packed. You’ll need to make sure you have lots of air flow and good ventilation to prevent mold and such from forming.

I would vote for one plant in a 5 or 7 gallon and let her rip.


Ok what if I did 2 autos for 3 or 4 weeks than move them outdoors? Would that be better?

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You could keep that as an option, grow 2 and if getting too large move one outside.

Hi, this is my first post but as soon as I saw the title to your thread I had to reply. I was about to do the same thing except I was going to use a small tent and place it in the shower. It would probably work as others have said but what kept coming up in my mind was firstly mold and then electrocution or fire. It would not take much to bump the water knob and you would have huge mess on your hands. If I was doing it I would tape the heck out of the water spicket and the knob or lever just to be safe! AND a lot of air needs to be moving to keep any mold down, that was my big worry. Good luck, it can be done.