Couchlock effect,low thc,high cbd no high head effect

looking for a plant that does not give you a (high head effect). Looking for relaxing couchlock effect. High CBD,low THC. can anyone help me here Thanks

There are breeders that specifically grow CBD plants - CBD pot will not get one "high: and is for medical uses’. At present there are about 20 breeders that offer CBD plants - if you are a patient go to Hemp Meds or Medical Marijuana - there are companies that just sell CBD oils

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Hey lucky if you go to where you order seeds you can check out all different strains. I like blueberry myself. You want a indica strain for sure. Also you might check out Roberts strain I have not tried it yet, but everyone likes it. That will be my next order. But it is high in THC Hope this helps some.

Yes, our Cheese strain is also probably a good choice for this type of need.


I agree about Blueberry. Good Medicine. Cheese si supposed to be a great strain/hybrid