COTYS DYING EARLY? And really yellow?!

Plant is still a seedling it’s not even 3 weeks old yet and the cotys are dying?? One is solid yellow and the other is still green but I’m thinking will turn yellow and die off. Now I know once they reach a certain age this happens BUT they’re not old enough yet so I’d think or is that something that can happen that early?


You’re in veg stage not seedling. I’m surprised the cots lasted this long. They’re not needed anymore


I cut mine off once they turned yellow and started drying and that was around week 3/4

Plant looks good! Are you gonna top/FIM or do any lst?

Yeah, those cotys have outlived their purpose.

Tbh I’m pretty new to growing and have three plants all diff sizes I’m probably just gonna let them do there thing. However I am open to both just not 100% sure the ins and outs of both so not sure what they do fully enough to do them! But if they both help I’d love to know. Thanks!

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When cotyledons have lasted that long I take it they have have a good life so far. Well fed and kept happy. Normally they don’t make it beyond a couple weeks. Once the plant has roots and leaves they have served there purpose.


I hear you and you’re in the right place to learn, just hit that search bar and type whatever you wanna learn about and there’s gonna be a thread for it 99% of the time and the people here are a wealth of knowledge, you’re in good hands

Good luck!