Cotyledon is curling and don’t know why

Beginner grower here, hopefully the picture posts but I was wondering if I could get some help as to why this Cotyledon has curled up? The other Cotyledon is fine. I got home from work today and seen this but don’t understand why. I did try to see if it would bend back so I took tweezers and gave it a little push and it cracked it. Should I be worried? Will it kill the seedling?

No it won’t kill it. :wink:
A bit of misshapen leaf growth is quite normal at the start.
Make sure they have a dome over them to keep humidity up for the first couple weeks.
And just mist the inside of the domes.
Don’t over water or the new roots will drown.
They get their moisture through the leaves at this point. And no fert till the cotyledons start to yellow. They have enough in the cots to support the plant for the first couple weeks of growth.
Maybe pics in natural light. Let’s us see the plant clearly. :+1:
Hope this helps a bit @Budtastic33. :wink::v: