Cotton Vs Plastic Vs Ceramic POTS

Brother in law is having some success with some younglings in 5 gallon plastic pots but has growing concerns over the heat that’s trapped by them, we live in the desert. I’ve jumped on the band wagon late and am anxiously waiting for my seedlings to pop out of the soil… we’re excited to try out these fabric pots, as the air pruning and excellent drainage sounds promising. I have a small ceramic pot so dropped a seed in that just to see how that works out… that pot drains like no soil is in there at all! The plastic and cotton holds more water, what I’m concerned about is the cotton pots seem to hold the most water of the the three! Again I’m new with this and my worst fears is drowning the poor guys, of course moderate watering these guys is key, or is it?

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I got both of you covered. I deleted the question in the thread, and left this one up. Midwest is a great grower, and he wouldn’t give out misinformation.

You don’t want to water much until they get mature roots.
As far as the kind of container to grow in is growers preference. Some like the fabric, plastic, clay/ceramic. Try a few and see what you like, being in the desert is challenging for evaporation.
I personally have tried the fabric, but went to plastic, as it’s cheaper and readily available. ($1.35 for a 3 gallon locally)
The 3in1 meters are worthless, so don’t rely on any information from it.
Ph meter, and TDS meter is what you’ll need for proper growing.
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