"cotton" looking tops

I have been grown several times in the past but have never seen this before. They look normal on trichomes ect, They have grow in size and only shown up on 4 of the 8 tops.


That looks like the “Mississippi Malvaceae” strain!
Very Rare!!!

it was listed as this I got from this web site. Black Widow Feminized Seeds For Sale | Buy Online >>> ILGM

I was just effing with you :grimacing:

Couldn’t resist LOL


my grow is 100% LED lighting. first time I went 100% without any supplement lighting. Not sure if that has anything to do with it, I was worried it was a “burn” but a closer look didn’t show any damage.

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@fishdude2 I am am a newbie but possibly bud mold/rot?

I’ve run across examples of this on several forums. Led light bleaching of the buds. https://www.leafly.com/news/growing/white-tips-on-cannabis-buds


Upon further inspection the Cotton appears to be loaded with trichromes. I think “White Widow” looks that way.

Ok…just show I know NOTHING!!! Lol

Looks like light burned tops. Not a desirable thing. Can cause reduction in cannabinoids. Might also cause loss of flavor/aroma.

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thank you for the link, their buds look exactly like mine and when I look under my 60x glass there is zero damage the only difference is the color and amount of trichomes (more then double on whites parts). I’m very excited to try the results.

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It’s interesting. I’ve found articles that say the buds are desirable and more potent, and articles that say the opposite.
I guess there’s one sure way to find out. Smoke 'em.


Presence of trichs isn’t indicative of potency. It could be sparkly as heck and still have diminished cannibinoid content.


Let’s solve this once and for all harvest and dry/cure I’ll smoke and review product


it is only at the top of a few of the buds, so either way I’m still gonna enjoy the results :slight_smile: If its better great if not, not a huge loss in the end


That’s why I am saying it’s light damage & not a desirable genetic trait. :grinning: I recommend raising your light to prevent farther damage.

The other buds should be stickyickylicious, though, so you’re right, no biggie.


I truly don’t believe its light burn, Bleached color maybe, there is no damage in structure or real difference in shape, it also effected different parts of the plant at different heights. One bud is near the bottom and several buds are above where the “cotton” buds are. but it is only at the top of each one effected. My lumens are extremely high for a 4’x4’ area. The only thing different from my last grow was the removal of HPS bulb for another LED light.

From what I have read about this it is brought on by the genetics and we have seen a few ppl reporting this issue recently, so they may be connected. It an area of the flower that does not contain any chlorophyll and may be brought on by heat or light intensity. Light will degrade the trichomes on this portion so it would be prudent to raise the light to decrease the intensity and heat.