Cost of glass canning jars?

Have you noticed that the cost of canning jars has become very high (in the US)?
I harvest, dry, then trim and put in glass canning jars to cure. I like to use 64 oz (half gallon) wide mouth jars.
I was purchasing Ball half-gallon jars in 6-packs for $12 - $15 US dollars. These are now $50 if you can find them. Most of my local stores are out of stock. What’s going on?


The price always goes up this time of year, as everyone growing vegi’s/fruits/weed is canning/jarring their crops before winter. Best to look and buy them in the spring, early summer…

I shit you not, they had a case (12) 32 oz jars at target other day… for like $12 pre-covid price lmao!! My wife was shopping online for drive up and go where they load your groceries. I wanted to go in store to browse myself but you know how those arguments go. Regardless we picked up and they had the jars. I know this same target was fully out of jars every time I checked the past 3 months, however if you catch them on a good day you can score.

Also let’s be real, yes home-made canning has gone up but this is moreso due to us lmao.

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Yes, I gotta agree, lots of people I know are home all day now, and most of them started growing weed. I’m thinking, guessing, that dispensary sales have gone down. Just look at all the new growers on this forum.

Absolutely, agree with you… I think it’d be interesting to see ILGM site traffic 2020 vs 2019. Hell I’m a newbie that started this year… now I’m wondering what the hell I’ve been doing with myself before 2020 lol.

The pandemic I think really kicked it off And by kick off maybe shot off with a rocket ship is more appropriate. It also helps when a lot of states are legalizing and especially decriminalizing small grows.

I bought 7 dozen this spring, both for real canning and mostly for my bud curing.The store had 3 pallets full and I haven’t seen any since,anywhere.Lots of first time home canners,like surely it’s all for fruits and veggies,right?haha…

I grow alot of fruits and vegetables. My wife says that I should be canning stuff. I hate to say how many pounds of heirloom tomatoes I let go to waste. Also hot peppers, they just shrivel up if I don’t use them.

Also, bareing my soul here, I dumped 3 wine boxes full, plus 6 turkey bags full of old weed that I will never make oil from. It was too old to smoke. And now I’m going to go empty maybe 10 half-gallon jars of my oldest weed, so I can jar my fresh weed. … When I was 20 years old, never in my wildest dreams, would I see myself ever throwing out weed.

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Agreed! I grew tomatoes as well and they all finished within a week of each other. Some went to waste and I hate wasting food especially if I grew it. Canning would so help the waste problem.

I work in a grocery store and I checked the canning isle obsessively since August and finally 1 week ago i got my wide mouth quarts for 14$ (for 1 month they had absolutely 0 jars)