Cory Booker introduces legislation to Federally Legalize MJ



But he front loaded it with so much garbage that it doesn’t stand a chance of passing. Possibly if they strip it down to just de-scheduling marijuana it may go somewhere.


I think the answer is going to have to be a change in it’s priority on the schedule, say a schedule 4 or 5 perhaps. Congress initially put it on there as part of the 1970 Controlled Substances Act under Nixon, Although the point is moot, it should have never been placed as a schedule I drug to begin with. However, that being said, the DEA is the one keeping it there, refusing last year to remove it from Schedule 1. I am unsure exactly how the FDA is involved at this end of it at this point as the DEA seems to drive it, according to whatever their criteria is, and that comes of course, from a law enforcement standpoint. It needs to happen or Jeff Sessions, if he is still around, is going to go after the states that have decriminalized. I may be off in my facts here, somewhat as to how this all works at this point, with more and more government departments created. I am sure Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, etc would all want to be involved. It will have to remain a scheduled drug of some sort though I would think or otherwise workplaces would not be able to say that their employees can’t be using it. It’s in no ones best interest to have cops, doctors, nurses, teachers, etc using it when they are on duty and apparently is in no ones best interest to develop a test that can pinpoint better the usage of it because of the way it is metabolized differently by different people.


It NEEDS to be legalized!!
At least reclassified so that it can be researched for its benefits. It’s sad that something that could potentially help millions of people is illegal.


Hey gang, just my two cents worth. It should be treated like alcohol, you would not want cops or nurses or others drunk on the job either? Quite frankly I would rather see a cop have a joint after work to relax then have him hung over the next day from alcohol! Thanks Mike


@mcicchino, agree, of course it should be reclassified like alcohol. Although it is safer than alcohol. I would like to ask all of the stiffs in Tallahassee to abstain from alcohol until cannabis is made legal to every one in Florida. Let’s see how long they can go with out a drink. And how fast this would pass!


I don’t think Sessions is going to come after Medical MJ. Despite not liking legal cannabis, he recently said the Cole memo is “pretty close to good policy”. I think his recent plea to congress not to get in the way of DOJ going after cannabis is more of a philosophical position than anything else.

Time will tell but I just don’t think all the hysteria over Sessions is justified.


Jeff Sessions does not care if it is Medical or Recreational

Sessions’s letter, dated July 24, reiterates that “Congress has determined that marijuana is a dangerous drug and that the illegal distribution and sale of marijuana is a crime,” and that “the Department remains committed to enforcing the Controlled Substances Act in a manner that efficiently applies our resources to address the most significant threats to public health and safety.”

After Jeff Sessions was sworn in and asked about federal enforcement of Marijuana laws

so… he hates Marijuana and stated that “Good People Do Not Use Marijuana” but is telling congress that if it is not to be enforced federally then remove it from the controlled substances list or he will enforce the laws that are written.


Yep, heard that little SOB state on TV 4 days ago that he IS coming after full legal States first, then said MMJ States are next…:no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:
Funny thing… Doesn’t seem concerned about rampant opioid use…
Large Pharmacy Lobby can’t make ridiculous 1000℅ profit from MJ, so just make it illegal, while at the same time creating another generation of Junkies…:rage::rage::rage:
Our dysfunctional and idiotic Federal Government at work…:triumph::triumph::triumph: