Correctly counting days until flowering stage

let’s take, for example, Super Skunk feminized seeds. The specs say 52 days until flowering indoors. Now, is that 52 days from the day the first sprout pops out of the soil, or are those days measured from another point in time?

Feminized photos or autos? Photos, you decide when they flower. Autos, they decide when they flower. Most of the timeline estimates go from the time they start flowering. If they say 52 days they usually mean it takes 52 days of flowering to be done. These are estimates and a lot of times early estimates.


Ahh, ok, it seems I was reading that information completely backwards.

The time factors posted in the strain descriptions are estimates.
Also…flowering times are the time it takes to start flowering to harvest.
It’s an estimate. Each seed is a roll of the genetic dice. Most follow the strain growing pattern, but, you will also find variations in profile, height, and harvesting times.
THE PLANT DECIDES WHEN IT’S READY…learn to read you leaves.


You decide by reducing the light schedule to a 12/12. Factors for changing that schedule are yours to decide and may include but do not depend on ;

•height of plant
•amount of time you planned on it staying in veg
•size of the diameter of the bush

Photos are nice because you control every aspect of its life cycle

Autos- do what they want!