Correcting yellowing and dead leaves

I am 56 days into my first grow. They say you learn from your mistakes, so why am I not a genius by now? 2 x4 tent, 240 watt led, Coco, cloth pots, fox farms trio of fertilizer. I have had on and off problems with excessive heat. Also, I thought Coco was soil and for the first 3 weeks my plants were way under watered. Now watering every day with a good soak. I have not PHed my water (using distilled). My seeds, from ILGM, say 70 - 75 days until harvest, but can be as long as 90 days. I am thinking it will be closer to 90. I need help. Just a few basics. From what people have said the problem is likely PH. I am checking PH starting today. Coco grow about 6? With a month left to go what should be my game plan? Should I just flush for awhile with proper PH water and no fertilizer? When should I start fertilizer again? With a likely 90 day max on my grow, I have little time left. So what should my 30 day game plan be using proper PH water wrt fertilizer and flushing. I am just trying to have some usable pot. Simple and good at this point is better than complex and great.

The cited times are from the start of flowering and not the start of seed. What you will be looking for is ~75 days from the first appearance of pistils at the plant’s tips.

Here’s a pH chart for you. Coco is treated as a hydro grow.

To answer some of your Q’s, there is a support ticket on this site that will get you a lot of help.

PH yes 5.7-6.0 good range I target 5.8 +/-.
PH is very important, certain nutes are absorbed at diff. ranges…5.8 is the happy ground.(see above)
70-75 days . That is for optimal conditions not real world…so only use as a guideline.
Flush, Yes, PH corrected Yes and collect later through put and test the water coming out so you have an idea where that root mass is at.
Once you have an idea of root PH, Yes full feed (PH corrected until runoff) with whatever you are using.
Pic of how bad the plant is would help.

Thanks for the info. Water at just under 6 on PH. The days until harvest is throwing me into a panic. I only have 32 days until I am leaving for a 10 day vacation. Must harvest by then. Very misleading. Will calculate new time frame. 56 days from sprouting, 26 days in flower. Max time left 27 days.

Also, according to WeedKB, Gorilla glue auto " should take 70-75 days from seed to harvest". From seed to harvest seems pretty straight forward. Are they wrong?

Just pulled a harvest on that GG Auto at 73 days from seed, There is a bud pic in the BOM Pic thread. AT 60days+/- she started that yellowing consuming herself even though I was on full strength nutes, So I switched to just water, trichs were 85% cloudy 10% clear and 5% amber, I tried to wait but she was working on consuming the sugars and getting ugly.

Got a scope, check those trichs, she looks like mine.

Thanks, that is a relief.

Lots of while pistils there but nice size buds, so you def have some time 2-3 weeks so time frame is looking on track too, I forgot to note this when 80% pistils are brown/orange and receding is a good indicator to looking at the trichs.

@farmerbill1 that time frame breeders give you is always a low estimate because everyone wants a faster plant. Also that would be if everything went 100% perfect. Never got thirsty, overwatered, perfect temp, humidity and feed it everything it wanted and nothing more.
Then and only then would it be ready in 70 days. Every little hiccup along the way adds to that time.

I have 90 days and I plan on using them all.

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My guess too. 3 more weeks. Looks like 90 day grow.

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Since this is my first grow, I made every mistake. Underwatered plants for first month because I thought coco was soil and everyone said don’t overwater. I gave too little fertilizer, again thought it was a soil grow. So, yeah, its behind. Trichomes are still mostly clear. 3 more weeks.