Correct electrical set up

In my basement I have a 250v receptacle. I want to make that circuit for growing. I was thinking about changing it to a 20amp gfci outlet. What should I do at the breaker? It’s currently a double pole. Should I just leave it and move the neutral to the neutral bar? Or should I put in a 20amp single pole breaker? If any of this is obvious I’m sorry.

I am very skilled at electrical work, have wired many homes and even done commercial work.
You need to let an electrician do that work. Its not worth misunderstanding advice and getting killed.
Ask the electrician to split the legs and give you two 120v outlets.


Exactly what I was going to post. As an EE and formally an electrician, I can tell you that doing this sort of work improperly can result in electrocution or fire.

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I just finished fixing my outlet and I’m no electrician…a lot easier then I thought.



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“Juice” is flowing @LoCoRock, mine don’t do that but I am “old school”. LOL

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Okay Norm I have five bite growing tent I have this is the first time I’ve ever tried to use it I’ve got stage this up now about 2in tall I have 14 plants and I want to know what size and like I need to have one of those big big lights it’s like 16 by 20 in the red one in the blue ones I don’t know what that live be sufficient and if I did I need that anymore life and I need to know if I need to leave my lights on right now 24 hours around the clock while they are small plants or if I they shouldn’t have sleep time also video The Diary around 4 Woodstock

Google Translate?

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Good question, I did not think of that…I could not understand what @Raylock1952 was asking but did not think of a translation issue.

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That looks EXACTLY like FanoMan talk… LoL

I think hes asking what size tent for 14 plants and what light schedule
I gotta run out for a while…I will defer to you fine gentlemen

I’m not a big fan of 24 hours… The first week I get but after that I do 18/6

That’s all I could make out…lol I believe there to be an English barrier here p

Dude,I think I hired you once…


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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