Correct distance for lights during flowering


? Fellow growers these ladies are in day 3 of flowering stretch has begun using 3 300 watt led’s what is the correct distance the lights should be above canopy


@iceberg, correct distance would be 18-24" above canopy level, looking very nice good job


Ok thk you thought that was bout right


Use the hand check for temperature of lights. LEDs aren’t as standardized in temps as HID lighting, given the variables from one product to another. Hold your hand palm down below the light, and hold for 20-30 sec, when you reach a distance that feels hot to you, hang light an inch or so higher. Too hot for you, is too hot for your want to provide as an intense level of light as possible to maximize your plants production. But check everyday, to prevent plants from growing into a zone too hot.


Yes sir, my pleasure