Corn LED bulbs during veg


Hello, I’m finishing up my grow space and I had a question about lighting. I have a phantom 1000W set up that is air cooled and I was wondering if I could use LED Corn bulbs for the veg instead and then switch to the HPS for 12/12 lighting? These corn LEDs are expensive but they put out 18,000 Lumens. I haven’t came across any info about growers using these type of bulbs but, I was looking at an alternative so that my energy use won’t raise any questions.


those are bulbs that interested me before due to their lower running costs, you find in here lots of people are using LEDs and getting great results not the corn led bulbs but things like the mars hydro or galaxy hydro which are pretty reasonably priced…
the bigger question to ask first though is how big is your grow space?


8’x5x6.5 I have a galaxy hydro led but, the reviews on it were finicky on Amazon. I could use it to veg in a smaller space and then move to the tent if needed but, I tested a basil plant under it and there were burns even at 3’ above it.


I have a 4 of the galaxy hydro 300 watt lights Had no isssues with them and even had basil under mine for a while @Rockchalk ? There are a few other here using them with great results
I don’t see why you couldn’t use those corn style lights Iightbis light the plants don’t really care what shape the bulbs or fixture is as long as you have the right spectrums youll be fine :+1:


Thanks for the input. I’ll try it out under the LED. I have the exact same 300W GalaxyHydro you’re referring to. Do you use those for flowering also?


I have a corn style LED bulb in my veg tent and my plants actually grow towards it because I can put it inches away from them without burning or bleaching!



Sorry bro yes I do I have 4 total but mix in my 1000 watt cob and two of the galaxy hydro lights
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Thanks, country boy! I’ll make sure I tag you!! Ktreezy, did you get yours from a hydro store that was specifically for cannabis? I see some online and from Home Depot that might do the trick because, there are enough lumens and I want to not standout with energy usage.


You don’t actually need “weed specific” bulbs all the time. Sometimes they use that term as a sales pitch.

As long as you know what Kelvin rating you need, 2700k-3300k for flower and 5500k-6500k for veg, then you can just buy bulbs in that Kelvin range and you’ll be good to go. Once you know the kelvin rating then you’ll want to get the higher watt bulb of that kelvin spectrum.

Make sense @Rockchalk? My corn LED bulb was just a bulb I bought online because I knew it was 6500k and I think like 50w.



Thank you for the help. I just order two cool white 35w bulbs on Amazon(they claim to be 6500k). I’ll use these in my cabinet before I move them to my bigger tent. Have you had any issues with a corn led in flowering such as, less yield? Thanks again, for all the knowledge!


I only use the corn LED style light in my veg tent as supplemental lighting. I have a 600w MH in the veg tent, but the corn LED is in the corner and hangs above my bubble cloner. I wouldn’t use them in flower alone though, if that’s what you’re planning on doing. These are good for added lighting to tents, to accompany to big LED or HID. These would work in flower if you had a bunch of them hanging all around, but like I said, I recommend the corn LEDs for supplemental lighting.



My intention was just veg. I’m scaling up to a tent and I was getting by with a MH/HPS 400W setup but, I did calculations on the energy usage I’m going to need for 1000W plus fans and other components compared to the average daily use in my area and I don’t want to stand out.


These are good for veg, but would go great accompanied with a LED. If you’re worried about electricity usage then you should research good LEDs and COBs, they’re extremely efficient and don’t need extra fans to exhaust heat, so you won’t need as much electricity to run them and keep the tent at a good temp. CFL and T5’s work great for veg too.

I was running 2-600w HID lights for a while, 1 in veg and 1 for flower. The heat was hard to stay on top of and the electricity usage started to add up. So I switched out my flower 600w HPS, and changed over to 2-300w MarsHydro LEDs (actual power draw is 140-170 for each), and a nice 5 tube HO T5 fixture. My buds are growing so incredibly nicely that I’m not going to change anything anytime soon when it comes to lighting in the flower tent. I might add more though lol



I know it has been awhile since anybody has been in this thread, but T5’s are another excellent choice for Veg. They are very cheap to run and you can have the tops of your plants within inches from bulbs. I also was out of space once and flowered with them and had great results. I was surprised that the buds were as tight as they were. Just some food for thought. Mike