Cordless grinders

Does anyone have recommendations for a cordless grinder that is arthritis friendly?

The green one is what I have to use. It has enough surface that I can use my palm to help turn it. The small ones are all fingers so can’t use them any more. It chops rather than grinds

Once it is ground up then the challenge is rolling it.

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I bought my wife one of these for Christmas. She loves it.


@Geaux_N_Grow does it pack the cone wrap?

No. It just fills it up after you pull the tab. After she pulls the filled cone out of the holder she twists the end. From what I can tell you don’t need to actually pack it. Excuse the ignorance. I don’t smoke I just enjoy growing for her. :rofl:

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Where did you get it and what did it cost? @Geaux_N_Grow

I ordered from the wiikiti website.
It’s on sale right now for 99.95.
I’d give you a link but I think that’s prohibited on this forum. Just put dot com behind their name.

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