Cooling the Grow Room

I have been issues with keeping my grow room at a good temperature. Does anyone have advice for keeping it cool just curious before I ago buying a bunch of stuff for cooling haha

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Need more info on what size room, what kinda lights, how many watts?

Short answer is a window ac

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HerbalFarmer, since I’m so new to the growing in a tent, i’m used to growing outside and I’ve been growing trees outside. But now I have to grow in a tent because of my disability. So I can tell you about failures and success. First of all how big is your tent how big is your grow? What is the current airflow system that you have now. Give me A summary of what’s going on. I’ll tell you what I’ve done I started out with a 4 x 4 tent with a 4 inch inline fan, Yeah! No go! To hot! jump to a 6 inch fan with a y ducting for two air vents. With a 10 inch fan on top of the tent blowing down in the flowers, and with One of the bottom vents folded.

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Well it is a smaller guest bedroom, with a mars hydro ts3000 in a 5x5 tent and carbon filter setup as well, it has 450 watts total in the light.


I agree
This solved my problem .
I have the same setup 5x5 in a bedroom.
Good luck

While a window AC should certainly take care of the problem, it also drives up costs (buying it and paying for the extra electricity of running it), before doing that I might try exhausting the tent out a window so the warm air does not stay in the room with the tent and see what that does for your temps.

I used this window exhaust kit to send the tent exhaust out a window:


If you can tell me what temperature you’re trying to reach, what the temperature of the room is, and how you intake air and vent air, along with what is around the tent I can give you a good answer aside from buying a window unit.

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Hellraiser, nice set up, yes I just purchased all of the kits, 5.1, oval, circular, and 5.9 kit, to see which 1 is going to work. But right now what I’ve done to get buy was this. Y ducting it’s worked great :+1: so far it’s done the job, I’ve actually cut power to both fans, 6”, 10” it’s kept at bay.

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