Cooling suggestions

Hi All, I want to say thanks to so many of you - I have learned so much from reading things in this forum.
Im trying to find a way to cool my 4x4x8 tent. Im running 18/6 with my Mars tsw2000, I have the carbon filter and vivo sun fan taking hot air out and a 6 inch inline metal fan bringing air in. with a oscillating fan inside as well.
I have 3 plants growing at this time. After the lights are on for 4- 6 hours my temps rise to the 80’s, I unzip a few areas but without my house A/C on full time, it rises above 85. I have been looking at small personal A/C’s but not sure if that is just a waste of money or if they would help.
Im about 2-3 weeks before flipping, and I really would like to cool the tent as needed.
Does anyone have any cheap homemade way? please share with me what works for you.
BTW - one is not like the others :wink:


You didn’t say which Vivosun fan you have. You should have a 6 inch exhaust fan for that size tent.
It is best to condition the room the tent is in, and thus the air that is pulled in. What is the temperature in the room?
Also, be sure you aren’t venting the tent right back into the room. If you do, you will just be heating up the intake air that will be pulled into the tent.
Lastly, temperature in the 80’s are still okay for your plants.


My Vivo sun fan is a 6 inch exhaust fan. The room is 72-75. now that you say that my exhaust tube is sending air out on the side my intake fan is on. I will switch that side tonight to see if it helps.
At what point in the 80’s does it become too hot?

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I recommend exhaust outside if possible. @TommyBahama has got you covered.

At 90 degrees I might be a little concerned, but there are plenty of people that grow in the desert with no problem.
You really should be venting your tent out of the room if in any way possible.
If that isn’t possible, definitely have your intake on the opposite side of your exhaust. You might consider purchasing some flexible ducting and routing the exhaust as far away from the tent as possible. Also be sure that your intake is on the bottom and your exhaust is on the top.


Your light driver is what is giving off the excessive heat .I moved mine outside of the tent.I know some Mars use a meanwell driver ,but is it accessible?

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I’m not sure what a light driver is, this light is all one piece

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The two little gray boxes on top are the ballasts(power supplies).
If you are handy and don’t mind messing with electricity, you can put extension wires on the ballasts and move them outside the tent.
If you aren’t comfortable with that, just work on conditioning the room.

Yes,your driver is on top ,it can be moved outside of the tent , you still need fresh air ,because the driver is going to heat the room

oh, I see, I cannot do that, im not electrical. I will put my exhaust output on the opposite side, and that is on top, the intake is on the bottom and it works well- it blows lots of cool air into the bottom of the tent.
Good to know the 80’s are ok, I killed these plants after germinating. they came back and i think are doing ok, I will make some adjustments tonight, thank you for your help. I’m relieved. :slight_smile:


i see you are growing a sativa dominant strain. I’m surprised that it’s not taking the heat better. I’m growing Amnesia and they love the heat. My whole grow is around 80F-105F, make sure you are not over watering trying to compensate for the heat .

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Im not sure of the strain, as I took these seeds off my tray to start my hand at it (i’ve never been able to keep a plant alive, including Aloe- LOL). I have amnesia haze feminized seeds waiting to be germinated, but I am so new, I cant have more than one stage at a time. So I won’t plant them till im done with these.

my intake air is duct in from outside, I just brought this today to add on the end of my 6" duct

about $40
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Have you considered running a piece of duct from your central air to your tent? That way you are getting the cool ac air that your thermostat is set at for the whole house! Just remember to put a panty hose around it so that nothing dirty flies in your tent.


I don’t have that speed controller, but that is the intake fan I have.

I wish I would have thought of that before I brought this. panty hose is a finer screen.

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So I switched my outake duct to the other side of the tent, and it stayed a steady 79 all night with the light on.
ok- so im a newbie lol! thank you for your help!