Cooling in the heat

I’m planning out my grow cabinet. It will be about 2’deep, 6 feet wide and 8 feet tall. It will be out in my shop which is NOT climate controlled

How can I have cooling so the babies don’t cook when the summer heat hits?

I’m in a dry climate so I use a small portable evaporated cooler/ swampcooler that’s what we use out here in the desert to cool our whole house to, only bigger of coarse. I’m sure it would be the same only AC in other areas, maybe a portable ac and have it piped into the tent or a big one for the whole shop

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Can you take a pict of that cooler please? Trying to cure the same issue. Thanks @MeEasy

@Audiofreak here’s a pic of mine and a link to the first one on the list when I searched Amazon I think i got mine there but many years ago so didn’t think I’d find it

How does it effect the humidity?

The average rh in my house is 20% and my growroom is around 150’² and it brings it up to 50ish and raises the rh in my tent by about 10% today before I turned it on it was 36% at 72° and with it 48% at 78° the temp doesn’t sound right but the light had only been on like an hour when I looked this morning

@Audiofreak if I don’t use it during the day like when it doesn’t get warm enough the rh drops into the 20s inside my tent

I’m just concerned in lowering temp with the evaporation type I’m going to raise humidity and it’s fine where it is right now.

It probably will the whole idea of an evaporative cooler is by adding moisture to the hot dry air cools it. Where an ac removes the moisture

Edit = I know when it rains here and you forget to turn off the water pump on the cooler it will make it hotter in the house. They stop cooling once the rh is above 60% and it really doesn’t work imo above 40% even in my room if I forget to open the door it actually gets hotter in there because the tent is blowing out hot moist air and the cooler is blowing moisture and it stops cooling and just becomes a miserable muggy mess

It’s hot and humid where I live!

Then it’s just going to make it worse for you

Do you know the temps in summer?

I probably would want to increase the airflow drastically. And i don’t want to make a short circuit. (suck the same air in as I blow out)
Get a good exhaust fan some tubes, and 2 small boxfans or wall fans.
Blow the air out of the shed with the exhaust fan, and if I can tryn get a tube from outside the shed that sucks the air into the tent from the shaded side of the shed…