Cooling down grow tent

Hey peeps! I have a grow tent inside a bedroom and I was wondering if I keep the bedroom super cold will it cool down the temps inside my grow tent ?

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The “lung room” (bedroom) will absolutely affect the tent temp. Inside tent lighting will effect temp as well. So cilder outside tent means cooler in tent as a rule.this assumes you use lung room air for tent intake.

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Yes. Try to position it close to a register, get a pedestal fan, and stick it as close to the register as you can where it will blow into the tent. That’s what I do, and it helps a lot. I have an hlg 350r that I’m running at 280w. We keep our AC set on 77, and the tent stays between 79 and 81. Just about right for an led.

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Great advice guys! I do run a sealed grow tent with c02 so I don’t have any vents bringing in cool air into the tent. I was thinking of connecting a ducting to my portable ac into my grow room. Is that a bad idea ?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Honestly if I may. A tent is not sealed and unless you’re running a 1000 watts, it may do more harm than good.
If you would like to know more on whether or not the co2 is doing good or bad, we can find someone that can help.
Depending on how your setup is, like mentioned above, your lung room will keep it cool enough provided, it itself is cool enough. But, then again you wont have a sealed room.

You will have to vent that somewhere. We need to understand your setup a little better. It can be done but, if done incorrectly, you will be waste a lot of electricity.

Just my .2 cents worth. Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses: