Cooling a grow tent

Hello so i just started my first grow in my closet. I got a digital humidifier and dehumidifier. I have a bestva 1000w light that makes my homemade tent 88 degrees. I cut a hole and put in a small fan. I guess what i wanna know is if there are any more efficient ways to cool the tent it is 6’longx2’widex7’high. I am using 5 gallon buckets 2 in soil 2 dwc’s. I dont think i have enough electric on the circuit for an a.c. without tripping my breaker. Also i am setting the dwc’s up today hopefully and wanted to know how far down i should set my rockwool cube in the clay pebble medium. Along with appropriate water level so i dont set up wrong.


Hey! Welcome!

Approximately where are you located? We don’t need the town or county, just a region. If there’s anything especially weird about your specific microclimate, mention that too.

As far as cube placement, you want roots hanging into the water. The cube can sit in the pebbles, or on top. Eventually, it will grab onto enough stuff to support the vegetation above (hopefully!).

If you’re at all concerned there aren’t enough roots to reach the water and support the plant’s needs, you need to top-water using a submersible pump.

I am in northeast ohio and it is fluctuating from 25 degrees to 50’s but winter is starting and im expecting 3 to 4 months of freezing temps. But honestly i made my tent out of some super high rated waterproof reflective attic insulation.


If the room your tent is in has a thermostat, you can start by lowering the temperature there. Or you can use a thermostatic controller inside the tent to turn a ventilation fan on and off.

Would it be easy to run some ducting to an unheated area of your home?

Where the fan is located, and where the enclosure pulls in air are important too. You’d want two holes; one for the output and one for the intake.


Yes and no. If i do run duct work and wanted to cool using a inline fan i would need to run a new curcuit for more power as shitty as it is almost every outlet in this trailer is on the same curcuit. When i originally was setting this up i found this out because i kept tripping the breaker.

And i have 2 holes…one is above my light beacuse the built in fans push hot air straight up another lower on one end for intake although it is a small fan for personal use.

Is adding a stronger circuit a possibility? If so, a 6 inch fan and carbon filter for smell is standard .


Hmmm. Tough one.

How does something like this sound? It’s a passive system with no fans. The lower device is called a restrictor plate or blast gate. You can probably find one that is opened and closed by a thermostat/humidistat. A damper would work too, but they’re usually larger than the smallest restrictor plates available.

The lower pipe would need to go through the floor to the exterior of the trailer.


That may just be perfect KeyStone. I will look into that also seaside. I am not to worried about the smell honestly though just temp.

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Welcome !Exhaust fan pulling out the top will help get your temperature down. Leave pass thru hole open at bottom will pull fresh air in. And on the safety side the last thing you want to do is create a hazard by overloaded circuits. As mentioned @SeaSeaside_guy1 you may have need size of wire an circuit upgrade. Good luck with your grow.

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I find that adding one or two oscillating fans drops temps by a few degrees. Good luck


I agree, getting a proper air exchange circuit will help a lot.