Cool Mist Humidifier Recommendations

Looking for a humidifier that a manual switch to turn it on. Reason being I am hooking it up to a controller. The one I am using now a TaoTronics you have to manually turn it back on each time when the timer goes off. @JD419WhyWait

This one kinda looks like it might work but need recommendations still the same. Thanks

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I wouldnt use one that lights up. Itd be light in there. During the dark period. Unless you can turn the light feature off. I’ll have a look later to help you as well

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I have one similar to this and like it. As @JD419WhyWait indicated if your going to use it during flowering you will have to do something about the light. Remove it or tape it. I used mine during early veg so it was not an issue. Mid veg my humidity levels cam up and it is not needed. I believe I will not need during flowering, I’m actually concerned my humidity levels will be too high during flowering.

@Bubblehead Watching RH levels and temps I am even wondering like you are if I really should be concerned about it because I would be vegging in the desert in February when humidity may not be much of a problem? Today inside the tent with no exhaust fan running, just two small fans and two open vents my RH was 50% and temp of 75 degrees. With lights on of course.


Looking at the VPD chart that is just about perfect. I am currently running approximately 74 degrees between 55-60 rh. Add a couple plants and you will be there.

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Thanks @Bubblehead Today am centered on what my levels will be once the lights go off. Also setting it up to keep the fans on. . Have to get another humidifier to work with the humidity controller that should be here in a couple of days. Appreciate all the help