Cooking with cannaoil

I just got to do a taste and strength test on my newest batch of cannaoil. Made a batch of snickerduuuuuudeles, and i ate one of the smaller 4. One large cookie would be well enough.


Looks tasty!

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Love snickerdoodles

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What’s the easiest way to make cannaoil or butter for cooking.

Search @blackthumbbetty thread on edibles also @Caligurl has some serious skills

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Yeah there is a ton of good info on here. My recipe was one i found on ilgm. One thing i dis different this time was instead of using cheese cloth. I used one of my brew bags for making mash. Seemed like it worked great. After removing the bag and letting it drain. I used a drip coffee pot to filter out any other solids before jarrimg up the finished product.


We use a tea strainer which allows us to press out the most oil.
Using a small class shot glass to press from above.

Using an Instant Pot which is a programable pressure cooker is easy and less expensive that units made solely for infusions. This unit only costs 79 dollars as opposed to 300 or so for infusion units.

It will decarb and infuse in one step, but you can do 2 step infusions as well. We simply add 1/2 ounce of weed to one cup of coconut oil in a mason jar with the lid lightly tightened so any pressure can escape.
Set for 1 hour of cooking time it does a fine job. You can set it for longer times if you want the THC to degrade into CBN for more sleepiness. Hardly any smell using this as well.
One nice perk is you can cook dinner in it when not decarbing.


I use the Magic Butter machine cost is reasonable

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I must be brave… I did my infusing olive oil in a pressure canner.
I decarbed at 240 for 45 minutes in mason jars. I then filled the jars with olive oil and sealed them loosely, just like I was canning pickles. I then pressure canned for a couple hours at 10 psi. Let it cool and strained with a french press first then a screened funnel. (fine screen) bottle and store in fridge. It will harden so use something you can scoop out of.
I made a 12 inch pizza with 1.5 tablespoons of the oil and it was perfect for me. Got higher and felt better than smoking.

Yeah, I stopped doing oils a while back. My journal doesn’t even include it. It was hubby’s and friend’s consensus that the oil is just too heavy for some reason and the taste :face_vomiting: