Cooking Questions


So Recently I’ve been collecting my leafs I pluck from my big girl. And I was curious if there was anything edible like I could make with them? And how lol. My plants only on day 16 of flower and some leafs were from flowering and some leafs were from the vegetative stage. Do these leafs have thc in them even though they don’t have trichomes?


You will be told by most that they are useless. But, I save mine at harvest and use them for butter and emergency smoke. They have some thc but aren’t as potent as buds. :blush:


They make a relaxing tea because of the low thc, but depending on the strain, can be pretty good on CBD @psychEDM. Especially the stems of the plant at harvest


I figured the sugar leafs and all other leafs at harvest are usable, I just figured maybe these early veggy leafs would be usable. Meh cat snacks for later then haha


If you get yourself about a qp of those leaves, you can make up a single batch of budder. My old weed man used to save all his trim, including the big fan leaves, and when I was broke, he’d give me several grocery bags full of the stuff b/c he knew I’d be able to make something from it.

A kind of thc guideline, all amts estimated:

Kief/rosen/etc≈200mg per gram
Flower≈100mg per gram
Sugar leaf Trim≈30mg per gram
Fan leaves/stems/etc≈10mg per gram


Okay, I think I can do that lol what’s the best way to store it? I’ve got it in air tight mason jars right now.


That works. Keep it stored in a dark, cool, dry place. You can freeze it, too.