Cooking Fox Farm?

I am about to start a new indoor grow within the next couple of weeks! Ive grown one indoor plant and outdoor plant before with some luck I got some good smoke outta both but, Im not satisfied so I’m trying to learn more and this place is a wealth of information and really good growers. So, I’m going to be using Fox farms frog to start should I leave it out in the pot and let it cook? Should I add an worm castings? These are things ives seen other people doing with their mediums but I haven’t seen people really doing it with Fox farms specific products. I am aware Fox farms is a mixture kinda for beginners but right not it’s the best place to start. Is cooking your soil and adding worm casting something u only do when u mix your own? any tips on this would be very helpful and I plan on starting a grow journal on here once I begin so if you want to tune in and help me out I’m sure I will have ten billion questions thanks have a great day


Welcome to the community ! If you want to add some worm castings to the Fox farm happy frog it will be fine. Happy frog or ocean forest ready to use out the bag.


Hello and welcome to the happy place to learn about growing your ladies. Happy Harvest.


Thanks for the quick answers I’ll let u guys know when I start my grow journal if u have any interest in giving me some feedback on it one love!


I really like Happy Frog. Ready to go and new grower friendly. I mix my own soil now, but I still use Happy Frog dry amendments …


I am not familiar with Happy Frog. Is it inoculated with microbes? If they are, you can moisten the soil and let it cook to get a friendly colony growing.


Yeah those look like they can make some buds grow I currently have three things of liquid nutes from Fox farm so what’s the difference between the liquid nutes and the powder ones? Obviously u add those in when mixing the soil and not when feeding but any of her pro and cons to those types of nutes? Really appreciate the advice man thank you!

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I don’t think there is much difference. Liquid fertilizer is available to the plant quicker.

I like the dry amendments because it’s less work. I amend the soil when I mix it and top dress the plant once a month. I use HF at half strength.


So any bag of soil you by off the self is no longer “hot” as in still cooking…
Hot in terms of bagged soil from the store refers to the level of nutrients in it and is actually a miss use of the term. …

When talking about hot soil as in cooking soil… .
It literally means hot as in temperature…
If a soil is still cooking, you can literally put your hand in it and it will be hot as in warmth to the touch…
If it is not, (and no bag soil should be, but I guess it’s possible to get some fresh and sold to quickly) then it will not cook anymore unless you add some kinda additives to trigger biological actions…

And soil that that is warm to the touch is not ok to plant into until its no longer producing heat.
This would be the accurate use of a soil being to hot, contrary to what most believe it to be…


So that’s why people call it cooking… Makes so much more sense


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what about putting it in the oven for an hour will that kill bugs to form or no?


Don’t do that. There are lots of beneficial microbes in the soil and if you cook them they will die. Some think they get fungus gnats from bags of soil, but if you understand the life cycle of a fungus gnat is only about ten days you’ll realize that isn’t possible.

I think original poster was just talking about mixing his soil and letting it sit for a few days/weeks so that the amended soil has a chance to stabilize and blend before planting.