Cookies Gelato - Can Jake Grow

Waita go! Your LST looks clean!

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Thank you, thank you! Going for a nice yield now that i’ve got my setup dialed in! Why haven’t I seen your plants since you bought Mantis?

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I’ve been busy. Plants look great and seem to love Mantis though!

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Did some final LST last night! So this is the start of week 7 veg. I am done doing LST now unless to even the canopy out.

This was the next morning about 12 hours later. She look so happy and seems to have bounced back from being tied down!

Thing seem to be going very well with this grow. No hiccups just smooth sailing :slight_smile:


Crazy training! Keep up the good work

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Thank you! All i could think about was crazy train. Maybe blasting ozzy at them will speed up growth or increase yield :rofl:

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worth a shot, right?

This is week 8 veg before I defoliated! She is still loving Mantis and is about to be flipped to flower! Thinking about flipping on Friday :slight_smile: !

Here is after I defoliated her for the last time before flower. I tied down some of the branches to even out the canopy as they were growing vertically much quicker than the others! Gotta even out the playing field right :wink:

This is her undercarriage! She has really been tied down quite a bit throughout this process. Especially since i’m not doing scrogging I don’t want her to get too tall!

Cookies Gelato - Week 8 (stem after defoliation)

This was her 12 hours late (the next morning) She isn’t as even as she was before because I tied down the 3 or 4 branches that were taller than the rest but she’ll come back!


Here she is one week into flowering! She’s getting crazy big!

She’s got a fairly even canopy! I will be doing her last defoliation and any pruning needed in the next week or two!


That’s a well groomed lady… pretty work. I learned a great technique for defoliation from a lady Nebulahaze she’s co creator of growweedeasy and she has some great info on how defoliation can increase your yield I believe that’s the name of the tutorial. If you search all or some of the names I’m sure you will find her stuff, if you’re interested of course… good luck :+1:

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Thanks for the info! I get a lot of info from growweedeasy and these forums! They have forsure both mentored me in a way to go out of my comfort zone :slight_smile:

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Okay so here she is! Week two of flower the stretch was getting real. I decided to tie her down one last time to even her out as well fill out the tent a little bit more. I also put a scrog net up just to give some extra support and guidance. Won’t be doing a ton of training with the net.

This is her bottom. Nice and clean!


My plants are still loving Mantis! I would love to start learning how to train like this.


Follow along with this group! They’ve always got tons of great information :slight_smile:


always feel free to ask … :sunglasses: :v:

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Here is my Cookies Gelato in week 4. I hope the stretching is done as I have maxed out the height my light can go! I can handle maybe another 2-4 inches but no more! She is a very vibrant plant and has been drinking 2 litres of water mixed with Mantis Buffered Nutrients per day while sitting in a 3gal pot. I’m so excited to see her flower development in the next couple weeks!


Looking awesome!


Appreciate it :grin:

Beautiful :+1:

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Thank you so much!

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