Cookies Gelato - Can Jake Grow

Okay so second home grow, small tent, just bigger than 2x2 in length. Running a SF-1000. My last grow was tough as I don’t have any way of cooling down my tent directly so with the heatwave i found it killed the yield. This time round temps already seem good and my seedling seems very happy so i’m hoping the autumn grow is successful! Will be growing Cookies Gelato which is supposed to be high THC opposed to my last grow which was Charlottes Angel CBD (pretty much all CBD). I will be using the best nutrient in the world being the one part nutrient, Mantis Buffered Nutrients. I will be using Mantis Seed to Harvest and nothing else. I will try to update this as much as i can as I go! Will be preforming some training such as topping and LST :)!

Cookies Gelato - Seed Germination

Cookis Gelato - Seedling Peat Puck


Great start @Jakecan … good luck :+1:
Not sure if you need or want this but it’s from spider farmer on the light you are using


Ahhhh thats actually awesome! I dimmed it down to 50% and just follow the distance they recommend in the manual which is pretty close to what that says. I was looking everywhere for their dimming recommendations but couldn’t find any other than what other people use. Thank you so much!


Looking good my dude! Going for the high THC this time I see!

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Damn straight! The CBD was for my girlfriend but this is for me!

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She is off to the races! Was getting a little top heavy so I had to prop her up a little. Growth seems good and she seem extremely happy! I have my environment dialed in and cannot be happier with how this grow is going to go. It’s still early but I’m feeling on top of my game this time.

Am hoping to get a couple or few ounces off this plant. I don’t think I will do scrogg training this time around as I want to test and see how just doing the 4 way manifold technique + topping twice works out. I found with my last grow that i ran out of room and could have made better use of the height of my tent. It could be because the heat wave screwed up the groove of my plant and had to harvest early so i had some popcorn buds. Or maybe it was just due to not defoliating high enough.

That is the fun of growing! experimenting and finding out what works best for you and your grow space! If anyone has recommendations for this grow or future grow how i could potentially optimize my setup feel free to comment :slight_smile:

Cookies Gelato - Seedling (Week 2 Veg)


Looking good! You should get a little mini portable AC unit for heat!

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I think i’m good now that summer is pretty much over. My temps and humidity have been bang on. For sure already sourced one out… this summer was brutal :sweat_smile:

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What kind of intake and exhaust fans are you using?

I’ve got two AC infinity t4 fans one for intake one for exhaust which are amazing. I am not near a window as i’m doing this grow in a computer room so i’ve put a covering over the intake fan so it doesn’t bring in dust… It needs to be changed weekly though. The AC infinity t4 fans are amazingly quiet I’ve only got both set to the third setting. I originally ordered a AC infinity s4 but the thing was way too loud. My carbon filter came with one as well but it was loud as hell too. Trying to be stealthy as possible. Last but not least i’ve got one fan but would like to add a second.

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Nice little setup indeed! I’m excited to see what you pull off this plant now that you’ve done a grow and have figured out what works and doesn’t work.

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Me too man! I would love to get 4oz but we shall see!

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Here she is in week 3!

I will be repotting her tomorrow and then its time to top so I can do some low stress training :slight_smile:

Cookies Gelato Seedling (week 3 veg)


Looking Good Brother.

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I topped over the weekend and will be getting ready to do some low stress training on her! once those secondary branches grow out a tad more. Environment is still dialed in and she is starting to drink a lot more water! Still feeding with Mantis Buffered Nutrients @5mL / L water.

Cookies Gelato - Cut Top


The heat isn’t your only problem, you need a proper exhaust. Without good air exchange you won’t have much success. Might be able to skate by in veg but definitely not flower

Who said I didn’t have good air exchange :smirk:


I see now, you have fans. In your early post I did see any mention of exhaust fans and heat issues so assumed you didn’t. I must have overlooked where you posted about the two t4 fans.

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Haha no worries! I realized I forgot to mention them in my first post.

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So this first photo was from last week. I did some LST training! I have now topped this plant 3 times! I am done topping and will let it grow out while maintaining an even canopy!

This second photo is now week 6, about 3 days after the first photo! She seems to be happy and thriving!