Cooked and Baked My Babies

I just planted in a 2" starter pot. I put the pot under a dome has shade material shaded but I think now that is a bad idea because it getting too hot inside. I measured to soil temperature at 102. In comparison I have a 30 gallon pot in direct sun and the soil temp is 75. As a reference the air temp is 75 at 2:45PM, the high today was 82.

I’m thinking that small pots are not a good idea for this time of year here in SoCal. Also realized that the small pots should never be place on concrete. That definitely fries them. Anyone here any thoughts.


The cement will draw the moisture from the pellets fast lol. If u put something small outside it needs to be in a sunny but shaded area while small and id also keep it on a plate with a small amount of water on the plate to keep it moist and cooler while in sun. The sun will dry out soil fast with a breeze so keeping it moist is a must if outside. Keep off anything that will pull the moisture from soil like dry dirt cement wood chips grass ect. Keep on something that wont get blazing hott and can hold some moisture and keep it moist while out. Good luck.

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That all sounds reasonable. My backyard here has a lot of concreted and stone so I have to be careful for sure. I definitely noticed that the small pots can easily overheat here in SoCal even though the air temp is moderated, the soil can retain heat.

For my starters I am keeping my small pots embedded in the soil of a much larger pot. I am thinking this will help regulate the soil temp. I will keep the large pots well watered so they don’t draw moisture from my starter pots.

Yeah never on the cement , and even lest under direct sun , too hot for a lil plant to continuously trying to cool down with the evaporating water on a small container