Convert used sealed electric smoker into Grow Box

Hi! I am new and a beginner, wondering if there were any specail issues with trying to convert a used Masterbuilt electric smoker into a Grow Box?

Well the question that comes to mind for me is, what are its dimensions? I looked at one online and they don’t seem that big. But I guess maybe they come in different sizes. But it should work nonetheless. They’re several questions here though. How big do you want your plants to be? For that matter how many plants do you plan on growing at a time? Are you worried about the smell factor? If that is a consideration then you have to realize your going to have a few pieces of equipment in there. The lights, fan, carbon filter and possibly an inline fan to recirculate the air. What type of light do you plan on using? But to answer your question, yes you can but you should research what your doing so you know exactly what you need to save yourself a lot money and possible headaches later. Good luck

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My smoker is about 30" there is no way I could use it for a grow box. You could make it into a seed starter or clone box. Go buy o few of the emergency blankets and tape them together. Then hang, get lights, and depending on lights you will need a fan to cool them down. I had a computer cab, that I made into a grow box. But it is six foot tall.

Thanks for your comment and suggestion. May be better suited for cloning as you suggest. I just interested in growing 1 or 2 plants for my own medical us. Smoker is about 30’ and is in very good condition, except programing circuts and cost as much to fix as to buy another one. Just hate to see it go to waste. Again, thanks for your input.

You can still use it as a smoker, just start a fire add 1 or 2 of the charcoal, wet your smoking chips so the don’t catch on fire. You can get a small temperature gage. To make sure it’s not to hot. Add charcoal as needed, be sure to soak chips for a few hours. If the start flaming you can wrap the chips in foil, poke holes in it.
Tom. Yes I like to smoke stuff a lot. Lol

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Have 3 other smokers, 1 wood and 2 propane. The electric was a gift from my brother who liked his electric smoker. I prefer the wood myself. Thanks.