Conversation piece out on the deck? 😆

Oh yeah she gonna smoke up nice!

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It’s amazing what the sun will do for ya, plus it’s free. :sunglasses: got to love it. Looks like she’s kicken butt.


Outdoors on the deck,switching to Jacks and me not screwing it up, has made for the healthiest looking plants I’ve ever grown in my short career.

I have the perfect set up on the deck with a sail cutting 80% of the light out for about half the day.

They have THRIVED in this environment. Since seeing them thrive is so uplifting, I just popped two new seed in water so I can also get them out and onto the deck this summer.


Hey @Pinboy

Based solely on the photo of your deck and lake . Let me take a wild ass guess as to where you live … purely a guess based on the topography and greenness and lay of the land as well as my Super Powers.


You don’t have to tell me, just tell me if I am warm or I am cold.

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Pretty good guess! I’m just south of Wisconsin. I fish lake geneva quite a bit and it only takes me about 25 minutes all back roads

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Here’s the way my next door neighbor would see it.

And unless he’s looking, probably wouldn’t even see it.

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Yes, my porches are home to many conversations…lol. Happy gardening!



Dang! How many plants? And does the accent lighting on the deck affect the 12/12 period for photos?

Just the legal amount… lights only come on for company and then shut off… so not very often. I remove my front yard lights… in the past the yard lights have slowed flowing… who would have thought that would happen…

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I use to wonder if just the moon would do it

Sunset with my plant in the foreground.


Sunrise with the girls…100 lb labrador for scale, lol


Beautiful! Nice time to be high

I was in VA on the east coast a few weeks ago…exmore, cape Charles, chocatauge, Virginia beach…we say it all. Very nice area, rural where we stayed…farm roads with no speed limit, lol. We had a great time.


Love the anchor motive patio carpet. Made me laugh. I don’t know why but it made me think of the scene in caddy shack with the yacht club. Rodney Dangerfield at the helm… ha


@Tylersays @Derf02368 @beardless @MidwestGuy @Dforce @pr

Ready to chop in less than a week. Once this deck ornament is gone, I’ve got 2 seedlings that need to mature more in the tent before I can bring them out there on the deck in that wretched heat.

Goodbye conversation piece… you’ve been a good one!


Looking good! Is that an auto?

My photos are just now starting to flower…up here in the NE.

Happy gardening/ harvesting!


Yes, it’s a GSC auto.

First plant I’ve grown that’s not in a tent. Beautifully healthy… Jacks 321, partial shade and mother nature made this a beauty.

I’ve got my first photo in the tent now. :slight_smile: But I don’t want to put it on the deck because she’s been flipped already.



Where did you get that plastic tomato cage? I really like that!!

Wow! Both you and @Derf02368 gots some beauties. I kept my 2 photos indoors too. Kinda iffy when it comes to flowering out on the deck. Autos are golden out there though. Ive got 3 regs outside as well. 12 wk regs, and still no signs of sex? Irritating it is. Nice growing guys!