Conversation piece out on the deck? πŸ˜†

I put the Kush I’m having problems with out on the deck to see if that would help.

Now there are 2 out there.


Last LST probably on the GSC auto.


I was laughing today because I had to explain to a neighbor who was over at the house WHY I was abusing my marajuana plant that he was looking at and asking about.

I told him I was training her… And left it at that.

So that’s the FIRST CONVERSATION that actually took place excluding one’s with my wife about it.


Heck yeah! I had 5 on my deck last summer. Loved sitting out there doing the maintenance, and just seeing them more than the tent grow inside. Doing same again in the coming weeks. Already started them indoors, to get them established!

Some stay in, some head outside. These 2 banana kush photos will stay in, others tbd? Happy deck growing brother!


Damn, nice set up! I can yell you are meticulous! So nice and orderly! :heart:

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Chilling with a buzz on the deck with my plants and my dog.


Nice neat orderly setup out there as well. Love it!! Once im setup out there, ill show you whats i got going on.
What part of va? I say sw? Random guess.

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Ding ding ding - somewhere in the Blue Ridge between Lexington and Bristol

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